You’ve Been Snapped – St Kilda Souls

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By Juan Marulanda (c) 2014

St KIlda souls-1
Lorry – Owner of Abbey Road

Juan: What’s your name?
Lorry: Lorry

Juan: How do you spell it?

Juan: What are you up to today?
Lorry: I’m just chilling out today, just chilling out

Juan: Is this your own place?
Lorry: I’m one of the owners, yeah

Juan: What’s one of the best things about owning a business in St Kilda?
Lorry: Different kinds of people arrive here, from all over the world

Juan: You like the diversity?
Lorry: Oh yes, that’s what makes Acland Street… and the sun too!


St KIlda souls-2
Beverly – St Kilda Senior

Juan: Where are you from?
Beverly: Melbourne, St Kilda

Juan: Oh, awesome, so you’re a local?
Beverly: Yeah

Juan: How long have you lived in St Kilda?
Beverly: 20 years

Juan: What’s one of the best memories that you have from living in St Kilda?
Beverly: Oh… When I had the family; it was very convenient to go everywhere so we went around a bit, you could go anywhere from St Kilda

Juan: And your family, are all the kids grown up now?
Beverly: Yeah, that’s my daughter… I’m not very interesting, am I?

Juan: Oh, don’t say that, you are very interesting!

St KIlda souls-3
Charlie, Eddie and Tom – Happy Family

Juan: Your two kids will be in the picture, what are their names?
Charlie: Eddie and Tom

Juan: So Eddie is the taller one and Tom is the little one?
Charlie: Yeah

Juan: What are you up to today?
Charlie: Just doing the shopping, having a walk with the kids

Juan: Are you a local?
Charlie: Yep, I live around the corner

Juan: How long have you lived here?
Charlie: 3 months now

Juan: What do you like most about living here?
Charlie: We just love living by the beach

Juan: I bet you can’t wait for summer then
Charlie: Yesterday was a good start


St KIlda souls-4
Linda – Traveller

Juan: So you were saying that you just arrived in Melbourne today; where are you coming from?
Linda: Germany, I’ve come to work and travel

Juan: What brings you to Australia?
Linda: I don’t know, I guess I like the landscape so I wanted to see how it feels being here

Juan: How long are you planning to stay?
Linda: For about one year, maybe a bit less

Juan: All in Melbourne?
Linda: No, I don’t think so; I want to be in Sydney for New Year’s Eve

Juan: So why are you in St Kilda now?
Linda: My hostel is over there… I just went out and wanted to get some cash

Juan: So you’re going to be a local for a few months, nice area!
Linda: Yeah, its good cause the beach is right there, I haven’t been there yet but…

Juan: You should go for a walk, it’s beautiful!

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