You Haven’t Changed a Bit

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Santino Merino

Santino Merino

28 September – 2 October, 9:15pm

Club Voltaire

With a feisty Latina mother, a father fond of tax fraud, a brother with overzealous hormones and a six-year-old Lutheran sister, no wonder Santino is confused! Come along for an hour of laughs as this Cuban-American, Australian immigrant works it all out. You Haven’t Changed A Bit is a comic exploration of modern Latino identity, a one-man storytelling fiesta involving plenty of rum, salsa, the Havana mafia and a horse called Black Beauty Tornado.

Santino Merino is a comedian, storyteller and writer born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. His family immigrated to USA when he was two. Though he was meant to grow up in New York an untimely visit to a popular fast food chain led him to the concrete-prairie lands of Chicago, IL. A recent immigrant to Australia he spends his days telling exaggerated stories to strangers and hoping not to bump into people in grocery stores.

“You Haven’t Changed a Bit” is Merino’s debut show. It recounts the days following his return to Chicago after living in Indonesia for two years. His happy homecoming is usurped by re-realization that his family is completely bonkers. While his mother is punching old Latina ladies in the face, his father is looking for the best method to commit bank fraud meanwhile his brother is in a constant state of existential crisis and his sister is in training to be God’s number one evangeliser. And these are just the beginning of his problems. Join Santino as he learns to reconnect with his dysfunctional family.

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