Yoga for Travellers

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By Jennifer J Ellinghaus

When my relationship ended after 12 years, I lost my partner, my best friend and my regular travelling companion all at once. I questioned what I wanted to do with my life, questioned the things I had previously enjoyed doing and felt abandoned and scared. I was literally overwhelmed with fear, in particular the fear of being alone.

With a little space, time and thought, I knew that I was still keen to pursue my greatest passion next to yoga – travel. So I made a new year’s resolution to go travelling – alone. I chose fun for my year, rather than sadness, grief and working through the fallout of my relationship. I knew those feelings would need to be felt, but I decided to squeeze them in between lots of fun. In fact, I decided always to choose fun in life from that point on. Why not?

I searched for a yoga book that contained everything I needed for a year on the road – yoga theory, suggested sequences, meditation practices, and advice about how to incorporate yoga into daily life – but the book didn’t exist. I didn’t know it at the time, but this experience planted the seed to write the book myself.

In the course on my travels, I found myself often staying in dormitories and wondering how I would maintain my yoga practice without the privacy of staying in private rooms. Fortunately, my determined side knew that I could find a way. It took a little thinking outside the box, but isn’t that something that yoga encourages us to do? Yoga for Travellers is the result.

Yoga has been my constant. It has allowed me to enjoy the freedom of travel and living away from home while staying centred and grounded. I sincerely hope that yoga enriches your life and travels as much as it has mine, and that my efforts will assist yours.

About Yoga for Travellers

Yoga for Travellers how-to guide for anyone wanting to practise yoga on the road, both on and off the mat. It includes suggested sequences and meditation practices, travelling stories, and advice such as how to meet other travellers, dealing with those inevitable down days that we all experience, and what to expect when returning home from a trip.

With a little preparation, thought and effort, a regular yoga practice on the road is absolutely possible. And rather than detract from your holiday activities, yoga will add to your experience, much as in day-to-day life, complementing your travels by providing valuable opportunities for reflection and learning about yourself, other people and the world.

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