Yarra Valley Wineries

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If you love wine you’ll love the Yarra Valley’s wineries, which are renowned for their quality vineyards. The Yarra Valley is located approximately one and a half hours east of Melbourne, and is home to dozens of wineries and most produce high quality wines.

If you plan your journey well, you can visit up to at least five wineries a day. The two wineries that I personally enjoyed visiting were the Domaine Chandon and Yering Farm.

All the wineries have an easy going environment, with no one waiting for you to make a purchase, so you can stay a while, relax and enjoy yourself. The bigger wineries are also restaurants, so you can have a leisurely lunch with excellent food that is reasonably priced, along with wonderful service.

Some wineries will charge you a $2 tasting fee per person; however this amount is fully refunded if you purchase a bottle. At some wineries there is a choice of over twenty wines to taste, so it’s easy to get accidentally drunk.

The first winery I visited was Domaine Chandon, which is about a fifty minute drive from the CBD. They provide a guided tour to their sparkling wine making process. The tour goes for half an hour and explains the detailed process of wine making, especially champagne. All Chandon’s sparkling wines are made using an old tradition method developed in the Champagne region of France. There are plenty of sparkling wines to taste along with cheese and crackers to compliment them.

The next winery I visited was the Yering Farm, and I loved their wine (a little too much). Yering Farm is located in a beautiful pastoral area with plenty of cute farm animals for children to watch. They were really nice people and the entire atmosphere was really relaxed. In contrast to the modern Domaine Chandon, the Yering Farm is rustic with an old country style log house with wood fire heating (very comfortable). The Yering Farm was started in 1980, and their first grapevines were planted in 1989. The Yering wines come from handpicked grapes to ensure a higher quality wine. They also had some nice ciders and a cheese plater to try as well. The wine was good but overall it was the farm setting that made the trip worthwhile.

If you are wanting a tour at any of these wineries you’re going to need to make a booking to ensure they have a tour guide available. Visiting these wineries with friends is definitely a smart move, especially if you really love to drink wine; it’s a good idea to bring a sober friend just in case you end up drinking an entire bottle. Even after a just few glasses of wine, it turned into a very memorable day out at the Yarra Valley wineries.

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