Yarra Ranges Get Away –Coldstream Paintball

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By Callen Poyner

Established in 1988, Coldstream is the oldest Paintball field in Victoria. With an amazing setup of club rooms, change rooms and a fantastic reception hall (that has a fine view of the bush added with two balconies overlooking the playing fields), it’s a great place to spend time with friends and family – or even a popular choice for special events.

I personally had a blast engaging in paintball skirmishes with my mates, there are quite a few game types to choose from: starting with the basic ‘team death match,’ in which I remember fighting in the trenches and having a paintball narrowly glance over my head, but thankfully I was not hit and was able to get in close to make my would be assassin surrender at point blank. Then we played a heated engagement of ‘capture the flag’ in a village where my friend and I worked together in suppressing our opposition while our team mates nabbed their flag and brought it home in triumph. Then we had a spirited game of ‘kill confirmed,’ which is a game a lot like ‘free for all’ in which you gather the gun safety covers of the people you mark and the person who has the most by the end of the match is the victor. There are many other game types to choose from and the bush battleground is a fantastic setting for heated battles. Overall it was a good day had by all who came to engage in our mock battles, add to that the hot food from the barbeque and good friends and it was a day well worth enjoying, and a day I hope you, readers, will enjoy yourselves someday soon.

Set in the Yarra Ranges on 55 acres of forest; Coldstream Paintball is 30 minutes from Eastlink and is close to no less than three wineries, only minutes from Healesville. Coldstream Paintball contains 12 fields and hosts a large array of game types (on top of what was mentioned above), as well as supporting teams, memberships and tournaments. Any group booked in for a full-day session receives lunch for free, but there are also BBQ facilities available (upon request). Deals start at 600 paintballs for $99 to 800 paintballs for $129. Protective gear is available for purchase on the day, and although the gear is not required, it is recommended.

So, if you think paintballing is for you, or you’d like to organise a few games for you and a group of friends or work mates, you can visit their website for more detailed information: www.paintballgames.com.au or phone their main office on: (03) 9777 0613

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