Xtreme Singing

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Mindfulness, focus, and presence through singing.

by Chris Anderson 

Xtreme Singing is a groundbreaking original singing teaching system, developed by Christine Hore after years of study and work with the world’s best teachers of voice, bodywork, meditation and performance.

“Years ago at a London cocktail party I met the Head of ITV and as we were chatting I revealed I was one of the singers who had snared a scholarship to study as ‘apprentice’ at Covent Garden and the National Opera Studio. He exclaimed that singing was his greatest passion but more intriguingly his only source of relief from a very stressful life. He went on to say that his hour singing lesson was the only time in his busy life that he was totally present and not thinking about anything else or juggling his day in his head.  It was his singing meditation, he said with a laugh, which kept him sane.

This conversation and years of study of voice, meditation and focused performance techniques led Hore to develop her own system of Xtreme Singing.

“Xtreme Singing is singing as a form of mindfulness, a focused presence expressing your truth. Singing in your own, unique voice, having resolved any technical issues that inhibit or block the free, natural voice…that is the freedom that is Xtreme Singing.

“Ultimate presence is at the heart of real singing. A total, in-the-moment thrill.”

Christine Hore is a graduate of UNSW, Sydney. After post-graduate studies on full scholarship in the USA at Sherwood School of Music in Chicago, she won a scholarship to study with teachers at Julliard, NYC.  She is also winner of two major vocal competitions, The McDonald Aria (formerly Sun Aria) at Sydney Opera House and the Shell Royal Opera House Covent Garden Scholarship for a year in London. She was a finalist in the International Verdi Competition, Parma Italy.

Christine gained a Masters in Performance at The National Opera Studio, London and she studied bodywork with Janice Chapman. Having worked with some of the greatest teachers, artists, directors and conductors in the world, Christine is committed to bringing this level of expertise to her teaching in Australia.

In addition to her classical training and performance experience, Christine has had the broadest experience as a singer, from major rock gigs and festivals (with AC/DC, Slade, Stevie Wright), music theatre, to backing singer on TV and radio.  She continues writing and performing original songs that are currently played on ABC, RRR, and writing and performing her own original shows.

Christine Hore was a cast member of the Cameron Mackintosh production of Phantom of the Opera and also worked as a vocal specialist, helping fellow cast members with vocal technique…one of whom went on to be cast in the lead as Christine, in the London production.

Christine has developed Xtreme Singing for everyone, as she believes that anyone who can speak can learn to sing.

“The system of Xtreme Singing that I teach is applicable to any form of singing. I have worked and sung in all genres and continue to do so with my own songs ranging from opera to grunge/rock, alt country, modal jazz and pure folk, as well as A Capella ancient Celtic ballads.

In Christine Hore’s vocal practice and Xtreme Singing system, “The singer should find and speak/sing in their own voice – a unique sound, expressed on the point of utterance.  That is singing/speaking their truth – of their emotions and reactions to the lyrics, rhythm and musical line.

“You sing the truth of your heart, your being; totally present. What could be more Xtreme than that?”

Xtreme Singing is for singers who want to sing more authentically in their own true voice with enhanced technique and focus.  It is also for those who want a fun way to develop a practice of being in the moment, a meditative presence in the now, to release daily worries and join with others in making music that is a way of expressing creative spontaneous joy and emotion.

For information regarding group workshops, individual lessons or other enquiries see www.xtremesinging.com

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