Writer’s Block

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By: Ross Purdy

Ah yes, writer’s block. Pesky thing isn’t it? The inability to think of anything to write, whether it be difficulty with writing an article, a short story, a novel, a screenplay or just whatever. Hell, I’m just writing about writer’s block as a way to try and defeat writer’s block. But don’t tell my editor that.

One way you can defeat writer’s block is to just write whatever and eventually you might get onto something that’s really good, making you probably want to scrap what’s already been written and start over again. Remember though; sometimes using this method will only produce incredibly sub-par writing and you might go on and on and then find the method hasn’t worked.

Another thing that you may want to consider to get the brain juices flowing creatively is some good old fashioned exercise. Going for a jog or just taking a regular walk. Just doing physically trying activities like going on a treadmill or lifting weights at a gym can work a treat to reduce your stress which could more then likely be the root cause of the writer’s block.

Remember, when looking for ideas just relax, maybe indulge in some simple pleasures to calm your nerves and stress down. Something like consuming some chocolatey goodness, lying down on a couch or even having a rest. Clear your mind first in order to allow yourself to generate some ideas for your writing later on.

You know how people say laughter is the best medicine and whatnot, well, it really is in fact the best medicine (doctors don’t use it, but it is). Write something incredibly silly to give yourself a good belly laugh and hopefully this should also aid in calming your nerves and feelings of self doubt about your writing. Hell, it might also generate some ideas, so…y’know… bonus!

After all that, still got writer’s block? Maybe you’re getting no ideas because you only choose to focus on one area of writing, making you exhaust all of your ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the form and genre of your writing, for example: do you always write romance? Maybe trying writing a crime drama if you want, always write short stories? Maybe you’d want to write an opinion article, do whatever you want to do and don’t restrict yourself. This will not only allow you to move out of your comfort zone, but maybe you’ll also start to feel some inspiration once more.

As a writer, writer’s block can be a pesky nuisance that can lead you to constant procrastination and other derailments that will just lead you to putting off writing for longer, the sooner you try curing the writer’s block, the better.

Hopefully with all these tips and such in mind you’ll be able to defeat writer’s block. If not then I guess you’re out of luck.

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