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*Esoteric Women’s Health*
‘Awakening the True Woman’

By Renee Burns-Woods


When I first heard about the ‘Women in Livingness Presentation’; an all-day, women’s only event (and magazine launch) at Functions on Chapel, Prahran Town Hall, I knew I had to attend. I was intrigued by the catchline: ‘Awakening the True Woman,’ and I wanted to know more.

The event was hosted by founder, director and practitioner of Esoteric Women’s Health; Natalie Benhayon (also a practitioner under Universal Medicine), her dad, Serge Benhayon’s trusted organisation (by which Esoteric Women’s Health naturally evolved out of, and currently coincides), and superbly presented by herself and five other inspirational guest speakers, to be commended.

The Women in Livingness Presentation was an event, a string of mini presentations brought together, whereby real women (Esoteric Women’s Health practitioners and complimentary medicine professionals) from different personal and professional backgrounds – openly, honestly and admirably – shared their individual experiences, wisdom and advice, in united recognition, that support and change is needed to ease the “enormous amounts of pressure” unfairly placed on women in today’s modern society.

This inspiring event delved deep into some very important issues, covering six invaluable topics, they were: health from within – the pressures of adolescence into womanhood, self-expression, body image and exploring our relationship with food, discovering our inner connection to maintaining love in relationships, women at work, and healing – just to tie in everything nicely.

As Esoteric Philosophy and Bodywork demonstrates; “understanding the underlying causes of emotional issues [and] physical ailments that one is enduring, and the daily behaviours/interactions that are contributing to them,” helps us from “holding in our [true] expression [which], impacts on our health”. As stated on the Esoteric Women’s Health media release and event outline: “Women in Livingness is brought to you by real women who… present that there is indeed another way” – recognising that “we don’t [all] have to be the same” – we can be ourselves, connect with our own “preciousness,” and “sparkle,” and each offer something unique and beautiful, into this world.

To set the record straight – these speakers were not your typical ‘motivational gurus’, marketing to the masses – these were real women, sharing invaluable insight, with other, real women – about learning how to nurture self-development in womanhood and “allowing ourselves to connect” with our true selves. My favourite quote that I picked up from the day was: “when we allow ourselves to be our true selves, we allow others to be their true selves too” – simply, but powerfully said.

The outcome of the event was that all speakers with their uniquely empowering and engaging presentations were able to address and help rectify some, if not many, of the issues affecting women, in today’s world. Every woman that got up on stage did a great job of giving us the encouragement, support, and tools to help facilitate the sometimes seemingly complicated process of giving “ourselves permission to release, and live the true woman we all are”. Further to this, to keep women everywhere continually updated on the importance of issues related to women’s health, ‘The Women in Livingness Magazine’ was launched (go to: womeninliviness.com).

A genuinely uplifting, inspiring and hugely successful day – promoting “health from within” – I would highly recommend getting to one of these fabulous Esoteric Women’s Health events in the near future – a truly memorable and rewarding occasion, on all accounts.

Upcoming Esoteric Women’s Events

Esoteric Women’s Health is showcasing their next similar event on the 8th of February, 2015 – details yet to be confirmed, check out their website at www.esotericwomenshealth.com. Earlier on in the year (on the 18th of January, 2015), Esoteric Women’s Health is also sponsoring ‘The Girl to Woman Festival’ which “is a one day conference and celebration of young girls and young women everywhere”. These are events not to be missed.

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