Why is the Community Paying so Much for Parking

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By Samson

I remember 13 years ago you could park anywhere; around shops, beaches and other public areas without worrying about it – Those were the good days. But now everywhere you park you have to pay for parking.

We know what the system is trying to do, but it should be reasonable. I say they should find a system that has balance and that the community can afford.

A few years back a friend of mine had trouble with the system: He parked in a paid parking zone. The parking sign was 100 metres away from the car park, difficult to understand and the car park was in front of a building site where he needed to get tools for a job. He was fined for not paying the parking because he had not understood the sign. If he did not pay the fine he would have had to go to court. Parking signs need to be easier for people to understand. The system makes millions from parking so surely it should not take advantage of people with unclear signs!

Another example of this is a friend dropping his wife off at work: There was a new branch that she was helping out at for four days. A camera recorded the drop off, taking just seconds and not disturbing any traffic or anyone. The family was fined four times. Totally unaware of their mistake, the income for the week was gone, on fines!

Another place where paid parking is very bad is our hospitals. What a joke! If you were to die in hospital tomorrow you would still have to pay parking. Hospitals should be a no paid parking zone, I’m sure everybody will agree with that.

The public is very concerned about the future of this country, why? Because the next generation will have to work three times harder just to live the lifestyle we have today. Everything is money these days; we pay for cars and we pay for the concrete to park them on, what will be next?

So back to where we started, parking should be free in some important areas and signs should be clearer too. A system that clearly returns the parking money to the community would also be good. Hospitals could reserve nearby car parks for emergency department patients with signs, and drop off zones would be useful in more areas. What about a ticket machine for when you just don’t have any coins? Or take Aldi as an example and reduce the cost of parking when you buy food at the supermarket. Why not let businesses cover the expense for their customers? Parking used to take my silver, now it takes my gold, and if I make a mistake it takes a lot of my notes. So that’s why we need to speak up and make sure the system works for the public and does not take advantage.

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