What it takes to become a Professional Wrestler in Melbourne?

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By Matthew Dunn

So what does it take to become a professional wrestler?

Well first you have to apply to a professional wrestling company, checking that they have a wrestling academy for you to join. Once you’ve found a company with a wrestling academy you’ll need to fill in an application providing the usual details (date of birth, name, etc…) and stating whether you have any previous experience with any other wrestling academies.

Once you’ve completed your application you’ll receive an email with all the details of where you need to go for training, what days it runs, and how long training sessions will go for (sessions will usually range from 2 to 3 hours each). Before you start training though, you’ll need to be accepted in to the academy first, some Melbourne wrestling companies have a lot of steps that you must complete in order to be accepted – such as the wrestling company that I have applied for (PCW); which only has three steps.

Once accepted, the first thing you need to do is book your assessment; this is where you will be learning the basics of professional wrestling, such as how to break fall and rolling at the right times during a match. Another step in the assessment, which many think is easy to do, is running the ropes, but trust me it’s much harder than it looks.

When you’ve completed your assessment and officially joined a wrestling academy, you’ll meet other wrestlers in the academy; some new and some experienced. You won’t just become friends with these people; you’ll become family. Another perk of joining a wrestling academy is that you will be invited to live events for free or at least receive half price tickets to all shows.

Now that you’ve completed your assessment and officially joined an academy, you’re on your way to becoming a professional wrestler, but you will need to start in a level one class with all the other new wrestlers in the academy before you reach the top.

The training that you will be doing is going to get you in to shape for in the ring action, but it can take several months for you to get to the level where you’re on the main roster for public events; when you’re at level one you will wrestle in side shows primarily.

If you’re lucky enough a major wrestling company like WWE or TNA will send out a scout, and if you’re chosen you will be asked to do a trial somewhere in Melbourne when the WWE live event is on. If you’re successful in the trial, you will be given a contract to sign that will send you on your way to the US to start your professional wrestling career. Starting from the bottom again and working your way to the top, you will possibly start your training in the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando, Florida, beginning your career as a superstar.

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