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By: Igz Lane

Walking through Melbourne’s Luna Park in St Kilda is an out of body musical experience. It is a symphony of melodic laughter, which is finely orchestrated by our children, the magical creatures who are the heart of this suburb. Popular belief is that just as the human body cannot function without its heart, Luna Park cannot function without the marvellous opera that is our children.

Two years ago, my daughter Lilian was diagnosed (whilst still in my wife’s tummy) with a congenital heart defect called the Tetralogy of Fallot. This defect is the most common cause of blue baby syndrome and can involve up to four anatomical abnormalities at one time. Simply put, three months after Lilian was born, she had to have a three and a half hour open-heart surgical procedure or she would die.

She lived and is now healthy and will be turning two in August. I have to thank everyone at The Royal Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. Having spent over two weeks in that house I must state that the atmosphere was not unlike the one at Luna Park.  Although surrounded by severe illness and for some the imminence of death, the house was a fortress that never let any negative energy sip through, and made it a sanctuary of happiness. Since 1981, the Ronald McDonald charities have been an integral part in making life easier for families in Australia.

I look forward to taking my daughter to Luna Park and adding her own tune.

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