Watch Out, He’s Gonna Explode!

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There’s something wonderful about children’s parties. Kids are remarkably social animals and I enjoy watching them interact. I like to try and work out the little cliques that develop and determine which kid is the glue-eating misfit who was only invited because his mother does yoga with the host. I also love watching kids devour food they aren’t normally allowed to eat. It’s fantastic to see the look of glee on a child’s face as they plunge their arm deep into a bowl of chips or back away from the table with a mouth and two fists chock full of sticky lollies.

Some kids do go a little crazy. Several years ago I witnessed a portly little fellow (who I had presumed was the designated glue-eater) tucking into cocktail frankfurts. It was an amazing sight to behold. He’d grab one, dip it into sauce and then shove it into his chomping gob as fast as he could. By the time his mother stopped him, he’d eaten a whole bowl. He went and jumped on a trampoline for a bit and the inevitable happened. He clutched his stomach, called out feebly to his mother and then let loose a voluminous torrent of chunky red swill. Kids screamed and parents shouted in disbelief. I stood there dumbfounded, staring at a lone sausage lying in the puddle of partially masticated crimson detritus. It was completely intact.

It was easily one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen but it did put me off cocktail frankfurts for a while.


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