Want a cool change this summer?

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By Fel Thamsloth


Everybody these days is becoming well aware of the importance of being energy efficient, whether it’s for the good of the environment or trying to reduce energy bills.

The obvious ideal is to achieve all with a practical, economical outcome. Sometimes this can be difficult if paying an “arm and leg” for something that saves only a moderate amount of energy or achieving a large improvement to your carbon footprint but also having the large initial cost.

With all these said, a major way of improving energy consumption and helping saving dollars is preventing energy loss through the windows of a home. Windows are one of the highest contributors of losing or gaining temperature inside the home. The best way to prevent this is to start with a barrier at first point of weather contact – outside of a window on a home. This is the most efficient in affecting temperature change inside.

Troublesome windows exposed to the direct sunlight heating up glass can sometimes feel like your inside an oven and yet homeowners will still attempt to solve the issue by putting block out curtains/blinds “indoors” rather than outdoors. This can be due to people still not being aware of the most efficient way of weather prevention or may be a disregard of putting a barrier outside the window thinking a barrier outside may look bad or just think it costs a lot more and won’t consider it at all.

A cool change is here and local to Melbourne! The Melbourne based inventor may have the solutions to all the arguments and issues surrounding the energy lost through windows of homes. The cool change approach may just be viable, practical and efficient – the new way to Block & Roll!

This new patent design by local Marc Lewis of South Yarra is a total new way to covering a window with a roller blind; it’s a simple protection approach to the outside window glass, combining a basic less hindering use of components but with the same benefit as older costly bulkier style designs already out there.

The design is named Down Under Blind not only because it’s owned, designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia but also revolution with the roller attached down towards the bottom end of the material that moves with in itself with each revolution.

This design is unique and is what creates a closer; less intrusive streamline fit with fewer gaps for a direct shade protection starting outside window. Fewer components also make it more affordable and now a viable solution, sometimes up to a third of the price of outside older bulkier component blinds and nearly the price of the internal less efficient blind.

The design is built to last Australian climates with powder-coated aluminium combined with UV rated material. A mesh material that also creates day privacy from outsiders looking in but still keeps your window views seeing out from inside. This blocks and shades sun whilst you see through to your views outside garden or beachfront views.


More info is available at www.downunderblind.com.au for you to see if it is a viable energy solution for your home also.



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