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By Troy Hodge

The long walk is now over and I am kind of tired

All the endless trials by fire and flame, intensity was all a part of it

Some sections felt like a knife’s edge

Too much reflection, too much feeling that goes along with it all

Killer on the emotions and a stretch on the soul

Felt like it was ripping and tearing at my core

It’s been a struggle to reach my final destination

My end to this thirty-eight days out in the wilderness

All alone and stripped down to my flesh beneath the skin

Right now I am feeling unreflective and unrepentant

I feel as if I have found a piece of myself

The puzzle of me is almost complete, I am home and I am happy

My walkabout is over and I can relax

Now it’s time to fit the puzzle piece and move on into brighter and greener uplands

This game is over and sleep is almost upon me

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