WALK UP & HOP IN: Prostitution in St Kilda

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For many years, local governments have faced great difficulty in dealing with street sex workers. The problems they face are directly related to the fact that the sex work industry has always been under the control of the State Government and the police. This means that it cannot be reformed, amended or regulated.

Authorities such as the Port Phillip council can’t do much at all. The council relies on police reports that provide regular assurance that the street sex industry is being successfully controlled. The police ensure that there’s no harm to the sex workers and local residents. With this information, the local council can take appropriate measures to ensure that social, moral and financial consequences are avoided amongst the local community.

As a newspaper reporter, if I had the chance to interview a woman who walks the streets of St Kilda, I can only imagine the backlash I would get from residents who would also want their voice heard too. Being a St Kilda resident myself, for many years I have always considered that women who go out onto the streets do so because of reasons associated with drugs and homelessness. Everybody else’s opinion, of course, would be varied.

For females working on the street, it’s often a far better option than being associated with a brothel. One of St Kilda’s most notorious pimps, whom cannot be mentioned for legal reasons, provides girls with a room at his registered massage parlour for sex work. He does however; take a 40 per cent cut from the money that is turned over through the work of his girls.

Where do sex workers spend their money? Generally, it’s used to pay for expensive habits. Many of these sex workers are on pensions too, but that’s a story for another time.

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By Maltab

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