Waco Social Club – Skating in the Sand

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by Matt Ryan

Legendary 3RRR announcer The Ghost championed Waco Social Clubs first long player Medicine Man, describing it as his favourite album of 2016. So how does their follow up Skating in the Sand hold up? Pretty darn well. The St Kilda stalwarts Combination of blues and dirty rock n roll with a punk singer, thrown in with a wide range of lyrics, so funny, some rough and even highbrow, the band has a sound that can only come out of St Kilda.

Ashton Davy has a voice that shouts out of a dirty St Kilda jukebox at 3am. I can smell ciggies when I hear his voice. Don Homer is an around amazing guitarists, everything from punk, rock to blues, he all-rounder that any band would be lucky to call their axman. Skating on Sands is a long dirty ride that isn’t always pretty, and it has stories that only someone like Ashton can get into, but it’s a credit to the group how they can tell the not always pretty into a great story.    

Track one is an updated version of Kerouac best known work, featuring the current events of the day and set in Melbourne not the roads of the states. Sure the king of the beats would approve of this tribute. Canarvonitis tells events that Ashton tells me really happened to him. Will let you play the song to find out the details. Love and Light opens with an ace country riff and beautiful vocal harmony, really shows the wide variety of musical talent in the band.

The Ride featured pounding drums soft guitar effect tells the story of drug use and the adventures associated with such use, and is an LP highlight.

Crazy slows things down and tells the story of two iconic St Kilda pubs, the street bar (at the end of the 96 and Acland Cellars) and Lost on Barkley and its owner and ex staff Suzi and Johnny. Having been a regular I can close my eyes and see the details play out in front of me, that’s a credit to how good a song writer Ashton and Don are. It’s a song any St Kilda venue visitor can sit back and think “those guys got that right”. Misogyny Blues sees Don takes the vocals, a raw blues number where you can feel the pain in every syllable he spits out. The female backing vocals are incredible.  Coming Down Slowly has a riff that lives up to the title could be a feel good hit of the summer. Money=Happiness asks the age old question. And can you have it all. A pool, I phone debt and all that jazz that everyone deals with in this day and age. CCTV from Mars makes reference to the Bowie track that made the planet famous

Waco are one of the hardest working bands in town. So far they’ve released two high quality recordings and are on their way to making a healthy discography. Ashton and Don make a great song writing combo and Don is one of the finest guitarists in town. Together they make a great all rounded machine channelling various genres and styles, a band not afraid to take risks, meaning there’s at least a song for everyone. The passion about St Kilda landmarks and locals is inspiring to any songwriter who wants to romanticise about places and people they want to express in song. Overall a great LP that mentions the highs and lows of what many locals can relate to. 

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