Vineyard Art Directory – October

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Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts
26 Acland Street, St Kilda
9534 0099

Postcard Show 2014

25 October – 6 December

This unique open entry competition sees hundreds of contemporary artworks adorn the gallery walls at Linden. With all work for sale, it’s the ideal exhibition to discover an affordable treasure or the perfect gift.
The Gallery
99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda
9209 6777

Sally Walshe & Bernadette Olle: Ligneous Matters

15 October – 12 November

Sally Walshe and Bernadette Olle present Ligneous Matters, an exhibition of prints, works on paper and paintings that focus on the significance of trees in the Port Phillip district, including the Ngargee tree, those at the St Kilda Botanical Gardens as well those that occupy our streets and backyards.
Jewish Museum of Australia
26 Alma Road, St Kilda
8534 3600

Letter, Land, Lore – A visual exploration of the convergence of Jewish mysticism and Indigenous culture

3 August to 26 October

Nikki Green

Nikki Green is an Australian Jewish artist currently based in Denmark, Western Australia, one of the most bio-diverse hotspots on earth. In this new exhibition, Nikki explores the parallels between Jewish mysticism and the Indigenous Australian connection to the land. Her work combines these two seemingly disparate cultures, revealing a relationship between text, nature and spirit and the ensuing organic patterns that emerge from their intimate connections.

Nikki will also be artist-in-residence at the Museum. She will be facilitating a number of exciting visual art workshops throughout August and September. Visitors are welcome to watch Nikki working on her art and chat with her informally about her practice.


8 Martin Street, St Kilda
(03) 9593 9366

Artists for Kids Auction

October 30 (7pm)

Supported by Artists and the Arts Community, Artists for Kid’s Culture raises funds to enable arts and cultural opportunities for kids who because of either social or economic barriers are vulnerable to missing out on basic childhood joys and life enriching experiences.

AKC Art Preview & Tea Party

October 26 (2pm)

AKC presents a fun and sophisticated way to view the works: a Tea Party with keynote speaker Bernie Geary (Principal Commissioner – Commission for young people).


Jackman Gallery

60 Inkerman Street, St Kilda
(03) 9534 2147
The Jackman Gallery has established itself in St Kilda as one of Melbourne’s major contemporary art galleries. The Gallery represents a select group of established painters, sculptors and photographers, sourcing some of Australia’s most innovative emerging talents.
They offer an exciting exhibition program, presenting three week shows for individual, group and themed exhibitions. The Jackman Gallery website has regular updates for each show, as well as comprehensive profiles of each artist.




Mars Gallery
7 James Street, Windsor
(03) 9521 7517

Sullied Sublime

2 – 19 October

Saffron Newey
In ‘Sullied Sublime’, Newey summons the greats of Australian landscape painting as appropriated, contemporary visions of the sublime. Von Guerard and Buvelot are celebrated as post colonial masters of painting the Australian landscape, en plein air, yet for Newey, their compositions represent a fluctuous energy.


2 – 19 October

Kieran Boland
Kieran Boland is a Melbourne based artist. His work with the moving image often explores disjunctions between private narrative and collective memory played out in public spaces.


23 October – 19 November

Sophia Hewson
This exhibition is an examination of female self-objectification, and the sensation that arises when faith is not found. The works will include a performance work on the opening night of a God un-resurrected, a helium inflated congregation, and six female Saints from the motel rooms of Indonesia.

aXolotl’s Smile

22 October – 9 November

Diego Ramirez
aXolotl’s Smile is an installation observing and reinterpreting axolotl iconography, more specifically, it underscores the manner in which the trope of axolotl anthropomorphism has been translated across different cultures in the fields of arts, literature and pop culture. Indeed, the axolotl is a larval salamander endemic to the lakes of Mexico and has generated a large genealogy of global objects centered on the theme of ‘crossing’.

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