Vegetarians who know good coffee

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By Louise Avery

World Vegetarian Café.

452 Glenhuntly Road

Elsternwick; VIC 3185


1. Rate for Kick!

4 outa 5 for strength. It’s earnestly strong without making me feel overwhelmed.. much like a persistently nice vegetarian activist.

  1. Rate for Flavour

3 outa 5 for flavour. Hits the right flavour notes and doesn’t get lost in the Bonsoy.

  1. Rate for staff.

4 outa 5 for staff. Lovely people, really keen to make an excellent impression which they did.. Barista was too busy making coffee to indulge in banter .. which is kind of good.

Tariq is serious but focussed and puts a lot of care into the coffees he makes.

World Vegetarian Caféis making a name for itself in Elsternwick for its delicious food… and delicious homemade chai but I am only interested in the coffee.

I dropped in one Saturday afternoon observing a leisurely crowd sitting with dogs out the front of the caféand a slightly Bali style vibe going on. The relax instantly settled in. I was not really wanting to eat but there was the temptation of gluten-free buckwheat and cardamom pancakes with yoghurt and berry fruit and I thought, diet be damned. I was starving. Diet was actually not too perturbed as they are buckwheat with minimal sugar and coconut yoghurt and as much as any Oh My God moment as you could imagine when buying the occasional treat.

But I was here for the coffee. Tariq was busy and the coffee took a little bit of time to arrive but when it did, it came with a graceful flourish of a bear logo which was kind of cute. As I contemplated the trouble he had taken to give me a bear face on my latte, which my partner suggested should be my new logo.; I think he was having a dig but .. don’t know why it may have been a comment about cuddly bears, anyway the coffee was charming, partner not so.

The coffee itself was made with Naked Espresso beans and offered the same rich bitter taste you would expect with an organic bean. There was  a fruity tone and enough strength for me to enjoy it to the bitter end..  which is how I enjoy all my love stories with coffee.

World Vegetarian caféoffered me a fruitful bittersweet taste sensation I could appreciate in a beautiful relaxed setting on a lovely Saturday afternoon; the experience of sipping a leisurely coffee with a street side view of Glenhuntly Road people ambling by.. Did I mention relaxing, isn’t that how coffee should be enjoyed?

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