Using Laser For Healing

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Red–infrared Low-Level Laser helps heal soft tissue injuries by reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and relieving acute/chronic pain.

Low-Level Laser offers an effective alternative to using Acupuncture needles.

The Laser light can activate similar processes to those of acupuncture.

Instead of inserting needles into an acupuncture point, the acupuncture point is lasered.

Laser Acupuncture is a good healing alternative for needle phobic patients and children

What is Visible Light?

A crystal prism in direct sunlight will split into 6 colours violet, blue, green yellow orange and red.  This spectrum of colour is what we call visible light.

Each colour emits small particles of energy called photons.

These photons travel at the speed of light, in what looks like a wave.

What is a Laser?

A laser is a machine that emits light.

Laser Light has many different uses, depending on its wavelength and frequency.

What is a Lower Level Laser?

A Low-level laser emits light that facilitates healing.  It has longer waves and a lower frequency.  The therapeutic spectrum for skin regeneration and pain relief starts in the visible red light spectrum 600nm and spans through to the infrared spectrum 850nm.

This frequency of light can penetrate into living biological tissue and triggers a physiological response.

How does Laser work?

Our body absorbs light and converts it is to energy through a process similar to photosynthesis called photobiomodulation.

Photobiomodulation stimulates increased production of adenosine tri phosphate molecules (ATP).

ATP is the energy cells require to proliferate, regenerate, synthesize proteins, remove waste and increase metabolic functions.

In addition to ATP, Laser stimulates Nitric-oxide (NO), which dilates local blood vessel to increase blood flow to the lasered site and reduces inflammation.

Low-Level Laser supports and accelerates the healing process.

Low-Level Laser can help with soft tissue injury, sprains, strains and inflammation.

Brigitte Lalor

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