Urban Gentrification

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By Duane Shepherd

Urban gentrification in St Kilda and the city of Port Phillip is happening. The population seems to be migrating to other areas, as some cannot keep up with the increase in the cost of living within these areas, whether its rent and property tax or affordable real estate – this also makes staying afloat for some of the smaller businesses harder.

So when those that can’t afford to live in an area move out, more wealthier people move in and even open businesses; these people can afford the increased rent, but are then more likely to charge more for their products in their businesses, leaving the less fortunate seeking other places to shop or dine, inevitably forcing them to move to a cheaper community, this displacement can change the character of a neighbourhood.

On the other side, it can also have more positive effects such as the upgrading of some infrastructure and bringing in more money to the community, but at the same time can cause displacement and isolation with the less wealthy communities.

It’s all about change and it’s always going to happen as a population grows and moves for different reasons. People leaving home, starting a new family, leaning towards later marriage and even divorce, all means people of different wealth will come and go which all affects an area.

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