Unemployment, how to defeat it!

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By: Joshua Pettit

Unemployment is an issue that basically all of us suffer through and fear at some point… it’s a fear of losing our jobs and becoming one of those people that struggle to get by, one of those statistics, one of those generalisations that people think of such as: lazy, bad worker, etc… and if you do, unfortunately, find yourself in that situation don’t stress, the worst thing you can do is panic, just sit back and give this a read, I’ll explain some helpful hints on how to get the employment ball rolling again and some of my experiences with unemployment.

For about a year now I have been working with the unemployed, and let me tell you all of those generalisations are wrong! (for the most part); basically all of the unemployed people I have met are wonderful, friendly people, that just need that little push to help them get back into the workforce. For a long-term unemployed person getting back into a stable job can be a frightening endeavour, because once you’ve been without work for so long a state of; let’s call it ‘joblessness,’ sets in, and once joblessness sets in you’ll most likely find yourself waking up around noon, sitting at home all day, getting angry when called in to see your job services provider, etc… It can be a difficult syndrome to cure without the right tools: a dash of enthusiasm and a smile, because most employers will be looking for those that are enthusiastic and happy about getting back into the workforce, not those suffering from joblessness syndrome.

Before you judge my advice though and say: “what is this guy talking about, he has no idea what it’s like to be unemployed!” let me tell you a bit more about my story… for about two years I was unemployed myself, I finished my studies and caught a case of joblessness syndrome; waking up at 2pm every day, having breakfast at about 5pm, getting annoyed when I had to wake up any earlier to go see my job services provider, the whole deal. I had a severe case of joblessness and I didn’t really want to fix it because I was scared, scared of getting a job and losing the new structure my life now had, so whenever I would apply for work I would hope that they didn’t call me, I didn’t want to work when I could sit at home all day playing video games and sleeping, but then something unexpected happened… my life was shaken by an event that got me thinking of my future, I knew things couldn’t stay like this forever; I wanted so much more for myself, a happier life, so I started forcing myself to wake up earlier and apply for work, it was a struggle at first but over time it became a simple task. It took about one or two months of this before I got that call: I was at the work experience activity that my job services provider had assigned me to when I received my first phone interview, and needless to say I aced it! Using all the team skills that I had learnt through my work experience activity, and some general knowledge, I answered every question with ease and got that job! Now my life is better than ever, all because I decided it was time to break free of my joblessness syndrome and give myself a better life. So you see, I know my stuff, and I know that every unemployed person has the potential to cure their joblessness syndrome and face the fear of getting a job! It will greatly improve the quality of your life.

Now let me share with you some tips that I found useful in getting a job, with hopes that you will use them if need be: so the first thing you need is a blast of a resume to blow those employers away! Your job services provider can help you with that or there are a large amount of websites out there with helpful tips on forging a beast of a resume. Remember to get up early to apply for work, this shows employers that you don’t suffer from joblessness syndrome and are full of enthusiasm to get back into the workforce! Cold calling and handing out resumes would work better here more than online applications as they are instant and the employer can hear the enthusiasm in your voice, and if you don’t get the job try to find out why so you can avoid future mistakes (remember to dress nice when handing out resumes!). Once you’ve landed that interview remember to prepare! (I can’t stress that enough) research your potential employer to learn as much information as you can and formulate a strategy to help you stand out; like preparing a story of when you excelled at work, etc… (do not wear a bright coloured shirt to stand out). Now that you’re about to go in to the interview remember to emphasise your good qualities and show the interviewer why you’re the best pick for the job, breathe deep and relax, ask some questions yourself to show interest in the company, and just think positive! Once the interview is over remember to follow up a few days later, don’t let the interview be the last time your interviewer hears from you, show some of that enthusiasm! And if you didn’t get the job there’s no harm in asking why, it might help you improve your technique.

So remember what I’ve said here; you can dig yourself out of that rut and land a fantastic job if you just put in the effort! There’s nothing to be afraid of! It will greatly improve your life and leave you a happier, healthier person, all you need is a little enthusiasm and a smile.

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