Top 5 Greatest Villains in WWE History

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By Nick Lentini


In the WWE a great good guy or in other terms a top baby face can’t reach that status or reputation if he isn’t fighting against a great Bad guy in other ways a Villain. From the outspoken and master of the Pipe bomb to the cold viper himself Randy Orton to to the chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon all great villains in their own right below is the top 5 greatest Villains of all time in WWE History.


Vince McMahon061205-F-0870P-148

The WWE chairman of the company Vince McMahon is by far the greatest villain of all time in WWE History, every fan that grew up in the attitude era will remember that every top baby face at the time were going at it against the boss. Vince first major act that gave him that title was when he screwed Brett hart at the 1998 Survivor Series, when HBK had the sharpshooter locked in and run to the ring calling the bell keeper to ring the bell, Shawn had won the title in fashion. That next night Vince true colours where shown stating that nobody would cross the boss and if they did they would fill his true wrath. The easy way out would to be fired and move on, although that would sting at first it would of being better then having to deal with Vince cold, evil ways of him doing things to you, if you and the boss didn’t see eye to eye. Countless superstars over the years felt his wrath including stone cold Steve Austin, The Rock, DX, and even John Cena yes that’s hard to believe. But when you have all the power, and mainly money at your disposable you can get anyone WWE superstar to work for you and do your dirty work. In my mind the best villains are the ones with all the power and money.


Randy Ortonrandy orton 2

A great villain is one who has no sympathy towards anyone and Randy orton fits this perfectly. Randy has always had the talent that lead him to early success becoming the youngest world heavyweight champion in history. But Randy really starting making his name for himself in 2009 when he lost complete control on his way back to the top to reclaim the WWE championship. Orton had claimed that he was worth more then Stephanie McMahon and that she had become worthless.  Vince frustrated told orton to either apologise or he would fire him on the spot. As he was going to say those famous words, Orton snapped viciously punted him in the head, leading to him being carried out of the arena on a stretcher. Orton would claim that he suffered from Intermittent explosive disorder which means that its behavioural disorder characterised by explosive outbursts of anger  often to the point of rage, thus stating that he had no control over it. Well when it come to getting the job done Orton was vicious punting his opponents on the way back to the top reclaiming the WWE championship in the process. Although now Orton has claimed down a lot from a few years back, the Viper is more dangerous as being a great villain is sometimes being quiet and ready to strike when your opponent less expects it.


CM Punkpunk 03

One of the most outspoken WWE Superstars of all time CM Punk is by far one of the greatest villains of all time. Punk has never being shy to tell you the audience what he thinks about the people or the company itself. When Punk took his first heel turn in 2008 he would tell the WWE universe ( people in the crowd and at home) that the way he lived his life was better then they way they did, constantly telling them that because he didn’t drink smoke or take substances that he lived a more healthy and successful life. For me at first It didn’t bother me to much but when he started converting people from the audience to come into the ring, have their head shaven to get rid of all the bad they have done and to start a fresh life the straight edge life is for me when it started to become a bit of to watch Punk do his thing. This was the first time punk become a 100% true villain.

He would then take over the Nexus claiming it the New Nexus and under his control would cause many headaches for their opponents, using  all the dirty tricks in the book a villain would do.  Punks best moment with actually a favourite of mine was on the June 27h episode of Raw 2011 when he spoke his mind about the company and how he felt that he wasn’t being shown any respect even though his talent spoke for itself. It was the first of many Pipe bombs that lead to punk wining the WWE championship at money in the bank and walking out on the company with the title. Punk would return a few weeks later, later on becoming a great Anti hero.


Triple Htriple h villian

Triple H one of the most successful WWE superstars of all time goes by many nick names, The Game, The King of Kings and The cerebral Assassin, was not just given those nicknames to him for the sake of it he earned all them, but to nobody’s surprised let his actions do the talking which made him one of the best but smartest villains the WWE has ever seen. When Triple rose to the top becoming WWE champion and World heavyweight champion over the years in his prime he would go to any length to get the job done and once he got the job done of becoming world champ would do everything possible to retain it. He had the mind of a evil genius but had ruthless aggression to add to his list of talents when it came to be a great villain.

He would destroy his opponents in dangerous matches with is trusty sledgehammer and anything else he could find to use as a weapon, steel chairs, ladders, tables, barbed wires you name Triple would use anything effectively to defeat but inflict pain on his opponents. The final thing about Triple H being a great villain was that he turn on anyone who he thought were no longer useful to him or he felt was a problem, think of the names that Triple H has turned on, Shawn Michaels, Randy orton and even Ric flair, with Triple its best to stay out of his path now that he’s running things in WWE, know as the Authority


Hollywood Hulk Hogan211px-Hulk_Hogan_July_2010_-_cropped

The best heel turn in History was done by the one of the most decorated superstars of all time Hulk Hogan, as he like to be know at that time Hollywood Hulk Hogan leader of the NWO BROTHER! What made him a great villain was you never expected it to happen not after the run he had in the 80’s and early 90’s. Hulk Hogan was seen as the America hero that would tell all the young kids all over the country to eat their vitamins and say their prays had turned his back on the fans that supported him for so long,

This would occur at bash at the beach 1995 where it looked like Hogan was going to fend of Scott hall and Kevin  Nash but instead attacked his former tag partner randy savage becoming Heel for the first time ever!!!. After the attack Hogan delivered a promo  accosting the fans and WCW for under appreciating his talent and drawing power, and announcing the formation of the New World Order (nWo) Hogan and his crew took over WCW wining the world title, but doing what they pleased when they pleased. Hogan was king of the world in the land of WCW, and for that should be seen as a great Villain in the World of Wrestling.

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