Top 10 worst Music Videos

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By Sam Reale


10. Wake me up before you go go­ – Wham (1984)

What can I say; bad dancing, short fluro coloured shorts or the “choose life” t-­shirts, what were they thinking?


9. Wired for Sound – Cliff Richard (1981)

The Disturbing scenes of Sir Cliff on roller skates singing ‘wired for sound’ made covering your eyes a necessity, don’t blame 1981 for that Sir Cliff.


8. Clones – Alice Cooper (1980)

It appears Alice went all new age here, looking very similar to Gary Numan with mascara on, not his finest moment.


7. Eat the Rich – Krokus (1983)

Heavy rockers from Switzerland, while having a decent back catalogue, might query making this video. An ugly looking background, band members using cardboard cut outs as instruments, and it looks like singer Marc Storace is singing with a hairbrush, not very rock like.


6. U talking to me – Disco Montego (2002)

Earlier known as Kaylyn, Australian R&B artists Dennis and Darren Dowlut are Disco Montego… in tight leather pants, thrusting their groins in front of cameras on regular intervals, oh my! And believe me it’s a regular occurrence.


5. Let’s put the X in Sex – KISS (1989)

Paul Stanley has gone on record stating that it was a mistake to perform in music clips without his guitar. Memo: Paul Stanley must never dance again, the leather pants are an eyeful for one thing.



4. Call on Me – Eric Prydz (2004)

They may have intended to make it a sexy video. But how many crotch shots can one stomach. Takes away the fact the sampling of steve windwood ‘valerie’ and the fact he contributed vocals to this track.


3. Losing you – Jan Terri (1993)

1 minute of watching this will tell you how bad it is… yes it’s that bad.


2. Separate ways (Worlds apart) – Journey (1982)

Journey often used concert footage for their music videos; however they went ahead with their first choreographed video for the song ‘Separate ways’.

This resulted in constant bad camera angles, playing air instruments, and keyboardist Johanthan Cain playing the keyboard on a wall.

Like ‘Rock me Tonite’, ‘Separate ways’ is often on lists of worst music videos ever. Cain, despite his extensive work in the music industry, rues this clip to this day.


1. Rock me Tonite – Billy Squier (1984)

Directed by the High School Musical Director, Kenny Ortega; this clip has Billy Squier dancing in a pink singlet with tight gym pants around a satin sheet bed. Result: Disaster, and his career.

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