Thunderstorm asthma: Death toll rises to 8

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By Daniel Wilson

Updated 29-Nov-2016

The freak asthma thunderstorm disaster earlier this week has taken eight lives. A further patients is still in intensive care and remains in critical condition.

Melbourne hospitals treated more than 8,500 patients following a rare weather phenomena dubbed the asthma thunderstorm. When temperatures plunged nearly 20C, the change in humidity levels meant pollen grains absorbed moisture and burst, releasing hundreds of small allergenic particles that can penetrate deep into the small airways of the lung.

Department of Health & Human Services advised “The thunderstorm asthma event on Monday 21 November was a health emergency of unprecedented scale.”

“Ambulance paramedics, emergency services staff and dedicated doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff saved the lives hundreds of Victorians who received treatment as a result of their symptoms.”

“In the case of an acute asthma attack, as always, an ambulance may be needed.”

“People experiencing asthma like symptoms for the first time should visit their GP for advice and if appropriate develop an asthma management plan.”

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