Three Tips To Avoid The Extra Layers In Winter

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Winter is well and truly here. It’s a time of year when we rug up, stay indoors more, take less exercise and let our guard down when it comes to healthy eating. Here are three tips to make sure you keep up your exercise routine and healthy diet as possible during the cold months.

  1. Replace hot comfort food, especially those high on carbohydrates, with healthy soups. Instead of heading for the warm pasta, breads and rice dishes, cook up a big healthy soup once or twice per week. This will satisfy the craving for something warm, while keeping the calories down. Include some healthy lean protein, such as chicken or lamb, TONS of veggies and experiment with any herbs and spices you like for a healthy, waistline-friendly treat.
  1. Have a backup exercise plan. If you tend to exercise outdoors, then winter is a perfect time to skip the routine. You need to move the action indoors. Invest in some gym equipment to use at home. Or, easier still, buy a gym membership. For most people this is the most effective way of maintaining an exercise routine at this time of the year. Even just doing some quick 10-15 minute ‘at home’ bodyweights workouts with no equipment can give you great results. This one below, for example, will burn fat, tone muscle, and give your metabolism a big boost. You can do this at home anytime with no equipment – so no excuses!

Squats 30 seconds, Push Ups 30sec, star jumps 30 sec, high knee running on the spot 30 sec. Perform these 4 exercises at a fast pace, one after the other without a break. After completing all 4 exercises. Rest 60-90 sec, repeat 3-5imes.

  1. Change your winter mindset. Most people let themselves go over the winter, then frantically try to get into shape a few weeks before the start of the summer. In reality, it takes longer than the four to eight weeks that most people think is going to take to them to get in shape for summer. So get a big head start on everyone else. And change your attitude to winter. Think of it as a time to take care of yourself, to eat better, and to ramp up the exercise, so you can enjoy the warm summer months, with its associated socializing and drinking, when they come. You’ll be glad you did.

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