Three Inspirational People

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I wanted to touch on three unconventionally inspirational people this month. Why? Because I felt that I hadn’t taken the time to recognise the small things people do every day to change, influence and brighten the world I live in. I believe that people should be recognised for being themselves and bringing delight to the world.

Bluey Green.

With her name protected for privacy, the first person I’d like to mention is a young woman aged just thirteen. Amongst the countless pressures of childhood, she is also tasked with the challenge of being a coeliac. Knowing that she can’t ingest Gluten, imagine the challenges she will face when she first kisses a boy. The butterflies will be awkward enough, let alone knowing that just the slightest bit of gluten could upset her insides for days.  However, instead of letting the unfortunate condition stop her from being everything she can be, and worrying her life away wondering how awkward her first kiss will be, she is grasping the challenges with open arms, learning to cook her own meals, with a future desire of becoming a chef.


The second inspirational person is my Father. No need for privacy here because Dad is a pretty common name.  My father is knocking on the door to the youthful age of 78, and whilst not as quick as he was in his heyday, he can still give the younger ones a run for their money on the squash court.

When Dad retired he soon discovered that this was not a very exciting occupation and set about finding activities to fill his calendar. He now volunteers to deliver meals on wheels to the elderly (or not so sprightly) and then one day a week also drives them around town to do their banking, shopping and other errands.  Many of the people he assists are younger than him, but he delights in the stories they share.

Steve from work.

The third is a chap from my work, we will call him Steve, I met Steve randomly on the cycling path I take to work and we became friends, he is an unassuming guy, who has never had a bad word to say about anyone. His vice is his passion for making a difference to the children of Australia, which he does so with his support of The Smith Family charity, having raised over $50,000 donated numerous hours of his time.

The reason I mention these 3 people is for no other reason than to point out how simple it is to inspire someone else. I bet that none of these 3 people think that they are inspirational to anyone, and I can bet that all 3 would be humbled that someone thought that they were inspirational.

Every day, we all have a choice in our actions to be inspirational to someone. I have no doubt that we are, we just don’t see it.

So here is my request. If you meet a person that inspires you, tell them. The benefit is two-fold. You become aware of the inspiration and the other person is made aware of how amazing they are. I can guarantee that this will change your relationship with that person.

Set yourself a goal and challenge yourself to overcome the adversities you create for yourself. The only person in your way is you.

At the end of the day it’s the result of your actions that define the person you are, and your impact on the world. There is a shift in the air, remember to respect yourself, the road and other commuters no matter how big or small. At the end of the day we all want to get to our destination.

Smile; enjoy the ride. Who knows whom you’ll meet.

By Mr. Corb




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