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By Steve Anderssen

I have just moved house from one side of St Kilda to East St Kilda, also known as Balaclava. A new neighbourhood is fun to explore and I like living on the edge.

In my travels, through familiar streets, I stumbled upon a hot coffee spot that seemed to be tucked in a nook as I walked by. It was an unexpected find, 36 William Street just off the Carlisle Streets’ latte belt. You have to go around a corner and if you blinked, you could miss it, which is part of its charm.

The first thing I noticed was the cheerful barista, busy making coffee. This cute but unassuming café is set in a converted garage. The coffee was excellent and the energy of the place left me impressed, so I returned to find out more.

Todd Souter is the barrister that skilfully prepared my coffee, as he told me about ‘This Little Piggy’ and how it came to be.

“My uncle, Jason Souter and his partner Simon Hughes actually own this and ‘Nose to Tail’, which is the design studio just behind This Little Piggy”, he said. “Its logo is a pig and its concept is to do a job from start to finish, the whole hog so to speak”, he joked, “and so the name is associated with that logo”.

“Quite often they would need to discuss ideas with a client and so they fitted out this garage/ storage area and there is the board room just behind”.

“This Little Piggy opened 15 months ago and a lot of the passing trade are locals on the way to work and there are the two gyms either side”.

The old style garage windows, brick walls and roller doors are the perfect backdrop for modern ceiling lamps and café décor. The back wall is a black board that proudly displays six cleverly drawn cartoon piggies, one depicting Jason, Simon, Todd and the designers, Flick, Gemma and Julian.

The menu is simple, offering ‘Genovese’ Coffee beans expertly ground and poured. They also have a selection of T2 Teas, Charlie’s Juices, organic ginger beer, muffins, cookies and Danish pastries.

Todd seemed excited to tell me about their slow cold drip coffee. It slowly filters a drop every 2 or 3 seconds over 10 hours in a special heat/shatter proof Japanese glass filtration devise to make thick coffee syrup that is served chilled. It’s not my cup of tea (pardon the pun) but am sure caffeine enthusiasts would love it. I’ll have a warm skinny latte to go, though.

This hidden oasis is well worth seeking out if you find yourself shopping in Carlisle Street  near the ANZ Bank or if you’re like me; this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home…but I’ll certainly be back.


Opening hours are Mon – Fri 6am – 4pm, Sat – 7am – 3pm.


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