The word ranga reclaimed by red heads

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…In other ranga news, a positive story!

R.A.N.G.A. has been working tirelessly to highlight ginger issues and further the interests of rangas everywhere. The hard work was highlighted when the term “ranga” was included in the Australian edition of the Oxford English Dictionary in 2012.

The Red And Nearly Ginger Association has now taken their campaign a step further and reclaimed the word for all red heads.

Joel Cohen, Co-Founder of R.A.N.G.A. recently gave a speech in TED’s independently organised events format, TEDx, about the origin, early use, populist use, use in media by Chris Lilley and Tim Minchin and endorsement by the Oxford English Dictionary of the word “ranga”.

In this speech Joel reclaimed the word ranga for all red heads and took ownership of the term on their behalf.

The Oxford English Dictionary is the benchmark of legitimisation of a word in the English language, and R.A.N.G.A. is thrilled to have been a part of that journey.

TED talks are recognised as a legitimate platform for innovators and leaders to share their message and R.A.N.G.A. was invited to reclaim the word ranga using the TED platform.

You can watch the video here:,

or see it on the TEDx St Kilda website at:


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