The very angry King

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By Isabelle Li

Age 7


Crash! The Queen’s crown went flying out the window because the King was so angry he could throw everything else out too!

The Queen was angry but the King was angrier.

At breakfast he was angry. At lunch he was angry. Even at dinner he was angry. Because the royal dog had eaten his favourite shiny crown.

The King needed that crown because his daughter was going to marry a prince the next day.

He ordered his royal crown maker to make a new crown.

When the crown maker returned to his workshop, he found his crown making machine broken. And the machine repairman was on holidays.

Just as the crown maker was reporting this back to the king, the princess came into the room and asked “Why are you so angry?”

The King told his daughter what had happened and the princess said, “Daddy! You got the date wrong. The wedding is not till next week!”

The King felt very embarrassed.


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