The Triangle Debate

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It’s about time all the loud-mouthed complainers realised that they’ll reap what they’ve sewn.

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A vocal minority made so much noise objecting to the legitimate triangle site redevelopment, which has been through more appeals than the Children’s Hospital, that the sheepish do-nothing council eventually paid five-million of ratepayers’ money to wriggle out of the contract. So now we are left with a bomb site car park which is likely to remain until a progressive council is elected again.

There were so many complaints about the number of new underground shops that would effectively be opposite the beach; it does work well in Coolangatta though where they not only have heaps of shops but also an Aldi Supermarket right opposite the beach. Now people are complaining about shop closures in Acland Street. Had the triangle redevelopment gone ahead as planned it’s likely that the competition would have forced down rents in Acland Street and we may have gotten some “ordinary” shops back – like a fruit shop, butchers, dry cleaner… maybe even a news agency!

I always agued to the doomsayers that if enough of the shops at the triangle didn’t work they could always convert them into a 10 pin bowling alley.

Then there were all the complaints about alcohol venues. These smallish venues would have accommodated up to six-thousand patrons and each would have had their own private security officers. The former Palace nightclub catered for up to four-thousand drinkers in an environment much more conducive to reckless behavior… I can’t recall any memorable problems with that tired venue.

We would also have had six new cinema screens. I thought it would be wonderful to finally be able to walk to “the pictures” – and in such a nice location. Instead we’ve lost the three screens at The George. Where is the progress?

The worst disaster here is that The Palais Theatre won’t be restored to its former glory. I hope all you loud mouthed party poopers are happy with yourselves; you’ve stopped another project that would have brought so much enjoyment to so many people, and endangered St. Kilda’s reputation of being Australia’s best tourist metro municipality in which to live.

by Ian Davidson


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