The Top 5 Rivalries in WWE History

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By Nicholas Lentini

Nothing is quite as entertaining as a good rivalry in the WWE, whether it’s over a title, a women, power or just simply wanting to be the number one guy in the company. Below are what I believe to be the top five rivalries in WWE history.

Stone Cold VS Mr McMahon

Everyone wants to give it to their boss, and one rattlesnake was living the dream when he stuck it to the chairman of the WWE; Vince McMahon. Stone Cold and Vince went at it for years; Vince would make Austin’s life hell by putting him in difficult matches, even costing him the 1999 Rumble. Then Austin would raise hell, stunning the chairman numerous times, giving him a beer bath, pouring cement into his convertible, it was certainly one of the most entertaining rivalries of all time.

The Rock VS Stone Cold

The two biggest superstars of the attitude era (1997 to 2002) by far, were rising up the ranks as the two of the most powerful, successful and entertaining wrestlers of all time. Austin, at the time, was the number one guy, but The Rock wanted to be the number one star, not number two. So put the two of them together and you’re going to get a great contest in the ring and on the mic. Austin may have won 2/3 Wrestlemania matches, but every fan will tell you they were some of the best matches in history. The Rock and Stone Cold’s rivalry set a standard for all future rivalries in the WWE.

CM Punk VS John Cena

Best in the world VS Never give up, if you wanted a dream rivalry then you got one when Punk earned a title shot against the WWE Champion at the time; John Cena. It was an intense rivalry because of what was on the line at the time; Punks contract was ending, so he vowed to win the WWE title and walk out on the company. Punk did the unthinkable when he defeated Cena and left the company with the WWE title in hand. He eventually returned though, with him and Cena having more amazing matches over the next two years.

Triple H VS Shawn Michaels

One rivalry that you never thought would happen, especially considering how close Triple H and Shawn were; they were a part of the famous clique, and had stardom popularity with being in the group DX. They were as close as brothers when behind the TV screen and in real life. After Shawn returned from a four year back injury, him and Triple H would reunite for one more night as DX. But out of nowhere Triple H assaulted Shawn with a steel chair, claiming that he has stepped out of Shawn’s shadow and become the best in the company, and that he is on a higher level than Shawn ever was. But Shawn proved he still had it when he defeated Triple H in his first match in four years at Summerslam 2002. He would then continue to prove Triple H wrong, defeating him in the first elimination chamber at Survivor Series to capture the World Heavyweight title.

Shawn Michaels VS Brett Hart

To keep this short, all I have to say is when two superstars have actual hate for each other there is no level of how good their rivalry can be. The main reason Shawn and Brett didn’t like each other was because of what they believed in and how they went about it – Brett as the hero and Shawn as the anti-hero with a bad attitude. The main reason for their hate was because both of them wanted to be the number one guy in the company.

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