The Only Good Hippies

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I was recently pulled over on the Brighton Road in front of St Kilda Primary School (where I used to work) and received my first ever speeding ticket, age 52!

All the while faster cars than our time ravaged Toyota passed us by going significantly faster. At the time the young officer asked me very pointedly, which at the time did not compute, whether I was a yoga teacher, in reference to my yoga teacher wife’s yoga practice website address which we had put in the car’s back window. Less than 6 months later my wife received a significant on the spot fine and endorsements for her first ever, and similarly apparently minor, traffic violation. In the same vehicle!

Then, recently, the local suburban primary school where I work and teach Tai Chi For Kids told me that some parents would not allow their children to participate in this gentle exercise for fear of its (none existent) cult content.

It is always dangerous to generalize from the particular to the general, and my wife and I are certainly far from New Age Zealots. However, as we are driving what may be perceived as the modern age equivalent of a badly hand painted VW Combi crossed with Herbie The Love Bug, I now expect, at any time, a double barrelled pump action to protrude from the passenger window of the UTE in the next lane.

That would be our last asana (yoga posture)!


–        Henry Shires

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