The Modern Way of Dating

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By Raelene Iudice

Dating we have all done it at some stage in our lives. You may be back on the dating scene after being in a long term relationship; you’ve been single for a while now and have decided to give dating another go.

It is normal to have questions and to need reassurance, as you may not be too sure about what to expect from the dating scene. This is a scary endeavour but life is to be lived, you don’t want to stand on the sidelines and watch life pass you by! There are only so many movies and books you can read before you go nuts!

Having things in common is a good place to start, and then you can choose to try new things together. You can laugh about these shared experiences and decide whether or not you would do them again.

With the diverse range of new endeavours to try, including: hang gliding, abseiling, rock climbing, camping and numerous others outings, you will definitely find something to amuse, and you can look back on these experiences with either humour or horror (that all depends on the type of experience).

There are many dating agencies on the internet (even some with a kinky twist) it just depends on what you’re looking for! Like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ maybe that should be a name for a dating site, it has a bit of everything, not everyone’s cup of tea though. If you are more reserved you would be better to stick to the ones like eharmony or RSVP than to venture in to many of the dating sites that are far from tame.

Most dating sites have costs involved so it is always best to check and read all the rules and regulations pertaining to each site, these costs can vary depending on what services they provide for their clients.

Meeting someone new for the first time is nerve racking, for both parties; what to wear, what not to wear, how to act, a whole myriad of questions and decisions, so why put ourselves through all this? Either temporary insanity or you’re tired of being alone and want someone special in your life to share things with.

It seems that everyone is looking for a certain type of person with qualities that are similar to their own, being mutually attracted to each other is the basis for most people. Before you meet someone it is best to talk to them on the phone first, as you get an idea of what that person is like and that you’re not letting someone in to your life like Christian Grey from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ who likes things that blow his mind and would send most women screaming once they see his playroom!

St Kilda even has its very own singles events each month through St Kilda Singles, which can be found at A local venue will be announced each month for these events and you don’t even need to live in St Kilda to join in all the fun and witty repartee. So what are you waiting for? Come along and enjoy the intrigue and liaisons with singles who are looking for someone to share a drink with and who knows you might meet the person of your dreams!


St Kilda Singles will be holding their second event at Veludo (175 Acland Street, St Kilda) on Thursday December 13th. Events start at 8pm with a free drink on arrival. To join the St Kilda Singles’ mailing list you can go to their website:

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