The Million Paws Walk

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By: Callen Poyner


The 18th annual RSPCA million paws walk is a fund raising event held every year in hopes of raising money through entry fees and the sale of merchandise, as well as online fundraising to support critical animal welfare and provide care of more than 30,000 animals entering RSPCA shelters each year. Taking part in the Million Paws Walk is a great way to help animals in need by providing much needed financial support to the RSPCA and helping educate people on responsible pet ownership and handling. This year the RSPCA is hoping to raise over $497,000 on Sunday May 19th in hopes to help fund the work of their animal inspector’s who rescue abused or neglected animals, for vaccination medication to give to the animals in their care, to fund their foster care programs in order to give animals a second chance at life and a home, and to provide the community with an education on animal welfare and other related issues.

The Million Paws Walk started in 1994 in Queensland by Dr Cam Day who believed a special event involving animals walking together would provide a fun day out for pets and their owners, while promoting responsible pet ownership and raising much needed funds for the RSPCA. Since then it has expanded with over 70 events held nationally.

Now, lovely readers of the St Kilda Newspaper, we are hoping to encourage you to join in on Sunday May 19th with all the other happy pets and people in donating what you can to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk; whether it be just for charity and kindness or by purchasing the many RSPCA products on sale online or at the stall’s at the Albert Park lake ibis picnic area on the day, and of course you can also sign up and join in at the RSPCA web site ( or show up on the day at 8:30am for those on the day sign ups. The run starts at 10:00am and finish’s at 2:30pm, and the walk length is 5 kilometers so make sure to bring some comfortable shoes, some water for you and your best friends and some doggy bags, for a fun run that will go whether it rains, hails or shines.

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