The Made In Earth Story

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 Made In Earth’s Founder, Creative Director and Head Designer, Bunny Bedi has always worked within a creative field, having worked as a chef for 10 years before establishing Made In Earth Australia in 1999. 

It all began when Bunny came across a piece of Malachite and was instantly attracted to it. This gem, known as the stone of transformation, was what began his life-changing journey into the world of natural gemstones.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the endless array of colours and patterns, Bunny showcases the gemstone as the centrepiece in each of his designs. Always striving for perfection, he has developed a strong reputation for high-quality gemstone jewellery and has a long list of retailers across Australia.

With the launch of three galleries since 2011, each Made In Earth location can be found in a cool, eclectic neighbourhood. The Melbourne gallery, in the heart of St Kilda, on Acland street opened in June 2013 to join the other USA based locations; Venice Beach, California – Del Mar, San Diego.

Stepping into Made In Earth (St Kilda) you get a welcoming energy that transforms your jewellery experience through visionary interior design, expert stylists, and a variety of rare-to-everyday stones on display. The industrial-inspired gallery carries an exclusive range of over 150 gemstones, crystals, fossils and meteorites from across the globe along with a 500kg amethyst geode from Brazil taking centre stage. There’s an ever-changing jewellery collection that guarantees a unique visit every time.

Each one-of-a-kind piece has its own story to tell from where it was sourced, how it was formed to its spiritual significance. Focused on the natural beauty of each stone, they use 925-sterling silver for all handcrafted designs allowing the gemstone to be the hero of each piece. They are cutting edge within the jewellery realm, by frequently experimenting with the latest cuts, polishes and industry innovations. 

Bunny’s positivity, passion and drive are an inspiration to those around him and this energy is evident in the magical gallery spaces, exquisite jewellery and his knowledgeable team of stylists.


What sets you apart from others?

We specialise in handcrafted sterling silver jewellery set with natural gemstones. Our pieces are thoughtfully designed and crafted to showcase the stones as their centrepiece. Our jewellery galleries are a huge part of the Made In Earth experience, as much as the jewellery itself. From the moment you enter our gallery space we take you on a journey! We have an enormous collection with each gallery showcasing over 200 gemstones, crystals, meteorites and fossils.

It is important for us to be up-to-date with knowledge about our gemstones, metaphysical properties as well as gemmological information. Our goal is to educate our team who then imparts that knowledge to our clients. We want our clients to discover and connect with their jewellery and have something they can not only wear for its beauty but also cherish for a lifetime.

Proudest moment of your career so far?

Not a moment as such but moments of pride when people walk into our gallery and also follow me in other countries and get excited to be visiting another gallery location. People that have purchased jewellery from me back from my market days in Australia and still wear and cherish those pieces today. I love meeting clients and hearing how much they love and adore their Made In Earth jewellery. 

Shortly after opening the Venice Beach store, a big US magazine listed us in their “5 must have gifts for Christmas”. We had a client that drove for 3.5 hours to come and purchase a piece of jewellery that they had seen our feature and that solidified, to me, that I was on the right path and I had made the right move.

Although I can’t name names, we do have celebrity clients that support me and my brand. So our loyal following makes me proud.

Do you subscribe to seasonal trends?

Natural gemstones are always in fashion, but we have certainly noticed jewellery trends moving towards raw stones, mixed metals and fine/layered styles.

Our pieces are created with inspiration from the stones themselves, not so much seasonal trends. Having said that we have expanded our range of fine and delicate pieces as well as introducing rose gold, a popular metal for 2017/18.

With bridal trends shifting from traditional diamond engagement rings to more unique, coloured gemstone designs we have had a big influx of bespoke bridal ring orders as we’re known for our unique stones and creative designs.

For our bespoke bridal service we sit down with clients and really get to know them so that we can incorporate symbology and personal motifs into each ring design.

We are honoured when people chose us to be involved in such an important part of life’s journey.

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