The Laughter Lounge

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 By: Sinead Dalton

As mad as a hatter! While your first thought may be of an Alice In Wonderland image of crazy characters with outrageous captions, well you would be exactly right! This is the only way I could describe to you the comedians at this year’s comedy in St. Kilda. The festival this year not only brought us music and culture but also a full barrel of laughs. On Tuesday the February 5th the Felix bar located on Fitzroy Street decided to throw an extra night of laughter to add to the excitement of the festival. The venue, with an almost gothic aura, hosted a string of comedians over the course of three hours.

Now there is nothing worse when you arrive at a comedy gig and realise that you are located right up at the stage. That overwhelming sensation riddles your body of whether you will be singled out, praying that you won’t need a bathroom break during the show or that you are not wearing anything that makes you stand out. As you can guess this is what happened. While many tried to shy away from the lime light there was just no escape; but it was this that made the show. The interaction between each comedian and the audience was priceless. While some were new to the game others walked the stage as if they owned it. Each comedian had covered different aspects from celebrities and families and even some treading the water of races and religion, yet there was nothing too offensive.

I caught up with two of the comedians at this year’s gig to see how it went. Daniel Connell and Simon Little spoke to me about the night and the overall atmosphere of the festival. Happy with their performances, Connell described, in a true Aussie fashion how the “Felix is always awesome!” With very different sense of humours, both comedians took to the stage like a duck to water. Little pin pointed perfectly the aim of the night: “as long as all the people that come have fun and leave going ‘that was a really good night of comedy,’ it’s a win.”  Targeting those in the audience both Australian and internationals, they kept the laughter going.

So what are the plans for both comedians for 2013? Well speaking with Little it will be “world domination one gig at a time,” but If you didn’t manage to catch this show, Wednesday is renowned for comedy night at the Felix bar. Also Melbourne’s comedy festival is just on the horizon and both Connell and Little are featuring. Playing their own gigs this time, Connell’s “Mr Personality 1988” is playing at the forum theatre and Little’s “Sex, drugs and herbal tea” is located at the Melbourne town hall. Both shows are playing for the duration of the Melbourne festival.

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