The Jezabels Free Show In St Kilda

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Interview with Heather Shannon

by Kristen M

They’ve supported Depeche Mode in Europe, packed out the Sydney Opera House and played at more Australian music festivals than even possible, but this March the Jezabels are kicking off the Victorian leg of their tour in our very own St Kilda. I caught up with Heather Shannon, keyboardist and musical genius from the band to talk gender ratios, film scores and the most important thing in the entire galaxy, synthesisers.

This is your first national tour in two and a half years and you’ve chosen to kick off at Republica in StKilda, was this a conscious decision or just how the schedule turned out?

It was funnily enough, how the schedule turned out. We do have a show in Sydney now on Thursday too so might be doing a little show here and then coming to you guys on Friday. I’m excited that we’re spending our first weekend in Victoria.

You’ve played at the St Kilda Palais Theatre in 2014, headlined the St Kilda Festival in 2018 and are heading back this Friday – do you feel an affinity for StKilda or is it just coincidence that you end up in this neck of the woods?

I don’t know whether I feel a specific affinity with St Kilda but I do love Melbourne a lot and we all really love playing in Melbourne. We always feel like we’re very welcome there whenever we play and it’s obviously our second home to Sydney. I think it says something that as Sydneysiders, we’re always playing at the beach in Melbourne.

How will the first show of the tour be different to the other dates do you think?

I think, there will be more chaos… on stage! At the beginning of a creative project, you have that real electric, chaotic energy, you’re still trying to settle into it so I think it’ll be high-energy and special.

How did the idea for the Sunsets Tour come about?

The opportunity just arose, we’ve had a fair bit of time off and we wanted to get back together and have a play and the fact that this tour is largely regional is really exciting to us because it’s pretty hard to tour regionally in Australia. We were really excited by the huge amount of dates and that it was all over the place and we get to travel around a bit. We’re going to Darwin, places in WA and South Australia that we’ve never played before so it’s pretty cool.

It must be nice to give back to your fans by playing free shows, does this take the pressure off the band a little or is it no different to a normal ticketed event?

I don’t think so. We’re pretty anal with how we prepare and rehearse, no one really puts pressure on but the four of us. We expect ourselves to do the best we can otherwise we’re not happy. I think the exciting thing about the free shows is that it’ll change the vibe in the venue, people will want to come and have a great time and be happy. Take the money out of it and everyone is happy.

There are whisperings of new material from The Jezabels in 2019. Are there any truth to these rumours and what can we expect to hear from the band on the evening of March the 15th?

At the show, we’ll be playing a really high-energy set because we want people to dance and have fun. We probably won’t go too deep into our album songs but we released ‘ The Others’ which we’ll play and we’ve got some demos and things floating around and we’ve chatted a bit about it but all of us are writing a lot for various projects but as far as writing together, it hasn’t quite come to the point where that’s happening yet. But I’m sure there’s something in the future. We just need to make sure that we’re in the right headspace and that we have a vision and that we believe what we’re doing.


Full interview coming in the April/May print edition.

The Jezabels
Republica St Kilda Beach, Saint Kilda, VIC, Australia
Friday 15 March 2019

Republica St Kilda Beach
18/10 Jacka Blvd
(03) 8598 9055

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