The immensely popular Borsch, Vodka & Tears in Chapel Street doesn’t escape the finicky scrutiny of our new food critic, Peckish Pom!

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Borsch, Vodka and Tears is a deliciously grungy café bar with modern Polish cuisine and an obscenely large selection of house made and premium vodkas. I was eager to try one or two of these famous tipples and dragged a long suffering co-reviewer along with me to share my experience. We sat ourselves down at the scrubbed wooden table – they successfully create an authentic Eastern European ambience that brings to mind bearded authors smoking skinny roll ups and lamenting lost loves. I chose one of my favourite meals since I’ve moved to Australia: salt and pepper squid served with a rocket side salad and a chilli lime mayonnaise. It was heaven; zesty and filling, but not stodgy or bloating. My friend adventurously chose roasted quail with peaches and he enjoyed it so much that I was only allowed a tiny taste. We accompanied our meals with pleasant street tea that comprised of Turkish apple tea, pomegranate molasses and medos honey vodka. We chose to drink it cold, but it would be perfect warm on a cold winter’s day. The waiter seemed affected by our unseasonal heat, unwilling to chat with us about the vodka selection or food, only appearing when we thought we’d been completely forgotten. This was a terrible pity, as we had thoroughly enjoyed our meals and sweet tea, but were left wanting for information about the venue’s biggest selling point: the vodka. Visit for the exciting vodka and bohemian food, but watch out for grumpy wait staff.


Borsch, Vodka and Tears

173 Chapel St, Prahan

Ph: 9530 2694

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