The Hidden Well

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Directed by Robert Chuter

“The Hidden Well” is an independent portmanteau film, composed of five standout vignettes, chapters – interconnected not by character, not by plot – but by style and style alone. Each vignette is a simple human story devoid of effects and set pieces, but stimulated by emotion, honesty and intimacy.

Each character: a couple trying for a child, another couple looking for connection, a confused young man faces a cruel proposition, a woman finding her estranged father, each of them hiding secrets behind the veil of happiness.

Piece by piece, each of these vignettes will slowly form a complete collage designed for the cinema screen, offering a different film going experience. Some of these stories are strange, some are funny, some are tragic and others are bittersweet.

The film has been optioned for worldwide distribution already by Media Luna Films in Germany.  It is directed by the acclaimed St. Kilda reside, stage and theatre director Robert Chuter, produced by Ryan O’Gorman for Fat Kid Films, also St. Kilda based and stars local rising talents Michael Maxwell Loder, Renee Anderson and Jonathan Weir.




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