The Greens challenger: Steph Hodgins-May

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St Kilda is a wonderful place to call home. We’ve got scenic parks, a picturesque bay, and a sense of community to be proud of. But I believe that with some resourcefulness and creativity, we can build on our reputation as a vibrant cultural epicentre. And that’s one of the reasons that why I’m running for the Greens at this year’s Federal election.

On July 2, St Kilda residents will be heading to the voting booths with a choice. A choice between more of the same, or a choice for progress. And at this election we have a unique opportunity to make history in Melbourne Ports by electing the first Green member for Melbourne Ports. If elected, I will also be the first woman to represent St Kilda and surrounds in Federal Parliament.

As a St Kilda local, I believe in representation that puts people before politics and the planet before profits. I believe that the old parties have failed to tackle the big issues and continue to be unwilling to stand up for what matters. Climate change is getting worse and our cities are bursting at the seams. Public transport is crowded. Schools and hospitals underfunded. Liveability is declining. People seeking our protection continue to be demonised in off shore cruelty camps. A whole generation is being locked out of owning a home. The gap between the rich and the rest of us is growing.

But at this election, we have an opportunity to turn things upside down and change the direction of our politics. The polls are tightening and we have an opportunity like no other to elect a progressive local voice to stand up against the conservative forces in Parliament.

While it is disappointing that the current Labor MP for Melbourne Ports has declared that he will preference the Liberals over the Greens, I think that locals are ready for something different. The Greens will not preference the Liberals because we value progressive policies and believe that our voters do to.

So this is our chance. Never before have we had such a powerful opportunity to work together towards a more innovative, entrepreneurial, cleaner and fairer economy. One that works for people and for the environment. One that recognises that small-to-medium organisations are the lifeblood of a vibrant and healthy community. That they are laboratories where essential creative research and development takes place, and that they provide jobs and opportunities.

Between now and July 2 I hope to listen to as many locals as I can, because I know that good local representation relies on sharing the ideas, energy and passion of our wonderful local community here in St Kilda. We don’t have a lot of money, but we do have the community on our side. I look forward to chatting to you.

Steph Hodgins-May

Federal Greens candidate for Melbourne Ports


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