Abbey Road in Acland Street knocked the Food Dude dead!

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“Welcome to Abbey Road; food from the heart, music for the soul” is what hosts Angie & John Athanasi (brother and sister duo) have written across their menu, and it’s testimony to the service and quality that these two pros of food and entertainment insist upon! These guys have obviously been there and done this on many occasions before successfully, no doubt!

Only a few new eating and entertainment establishments make the grade in every respect immediately as they open their doors, one such venue is undoubtedly Abbey Road in St Kilda, it’s got everything; trendy but authentic to the period decor, amazing rock & blues (of course Beatles) trivia & paraphernalia, a fun atmosphere, friendly, energetic but efficient staff and surprisingly great food for such a busy venue (and once more, massive dishes – no tiny portion serves here!)

There’s always people everywhere; with seating for nearly 200 patrons, steady business all day from breakfast through to lunch and from around 7pm it starts filling to the brim. Then it’s wait at the bar or be seated on their amazing custom made, absolutely unique art deco lounge (big enough for a small army) and it’s basically ‘pounce on a table’ when you come up for air, although, as always I tend to exaggerate and honestly the agreeable staff are everywhere to assist!

Well, I finally got down to eating after scoffing down a pleasing welcome cocktail, after all that’s what I came for; to sample the food, I was not expecting the Abbey Road sideshow, which was a welcome diversion. The instant I was seated there was a charming waitress in attendance running through the litany of options. My only complaint, for somebody like me (a dilatory dinosaur), is that there were all too many incredible choices. No objection in any other department, as I had a rotation of lovely waitresses attending the table; Jess, Courtney and Kate, with wine lists, the elaborate menu and an informative rendition of all the rock & roll photos, posters and memorabilia surrounding me on the nearby walls. Absolutely no complaints about the attention I was receiving and I was relieved I was not accompanied, as I usually am with Mizz Food Dude on such similar excursions.

If you aren’t too famished you could opt for the starters, which they allow you to share, with an amazing twenty choices from $12.50 for the spicy chicken wings to the crispy deep fried baby prawns at $16. I decided on the grilled chorizo with red onion and refreshing baby tomato salad for $14, it was scrumptious and I regret not asking who supplies their spicy chorizo sausages, it was memorable!

One of the most important accompaniments to a great meal is an impressive wine, and here they were all available by the glass; eight to ten choices of whites or reds, nothing very fancy but all high quality Australian wines from an economical $7.50 for the house white, the Peninsula Panorama Chardonnay, to a few New Zealand choices, culminating in the Essence Sauvignon Blanc at only $9.50. I selected an excellent local Victorian white, the T’Gallant Imogen Pinot Gris, from Mornington Peninsula and for a 2012 it was stunning; a generous, weighty Pinot Gris, with complex nose, exhibiting floral of tropical fruit notes, but the palate was succulent and generous to taste.

Main course time gave me a myriad of 23 choices; from the popular fish & chips at a reasonable $20, to grilled Atlantic salmon, chicken breast fillet, parmigiana, char grilled lamb rack, and then to some house specialties that caught my eye. I wasn’t able to resist the baby back pork spare ribs, still at an acceptable rate of $35, then I saw it  arrive and it was nothing short of a monster dish; loaded with potato mash, onion rings, steamed seasonal vegetables, and a beetroot favoured coleslaw, expecting to pay that for a plate half that size! I foolishly ordered a side serve of baby broccoli, which contributed to a healthy array but I had grossly over ordered. The Ribs were so succulent with an exquisite barbeque flavoured sauce, forget Colonel Sanders’ finger lickin’ good, my fingers were and had to be licked here, under these extremely flavourable circumstances.

I washed this down with a delightful glass of 2011 full bodied Stumpy Gully Cabernet Sauvignon at $9, exhibiting lovely flavours of blackberry, vanilla and plum.

Then those lovely girls insisted I finish off with the famous Abbey Road chocolate mars bar cake at $9.50, a spectacular plate containing a mammoth portion of cake graced with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and the quintessential chocolate dessert sauce. Well it certainly finished me off and I demanded a plastic container for the half I could not devour, to appease Mizz Food Dude at home.

I stumbled out of Abbey Road and into a taxi in Acland Street. Congratulating to hosts Angie and John, and profusely thanking the girls Jess, Courtney and Kate for ensuring my night was an unforgettable evening.

If you go anywhere new in St Kilda and you want to have an enjoyable dining experience with music, laughter and fun, I recommend Abbey road.




Abbey Road Restaurant

129-131 Acland St, St Kilda

7 days – 6.30am to late (particularly on weekends)

Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Phone: (03) 95348946

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