The Food Dude proudly introduces… Our Gourmet Chefs – Culinary Icons taking centre stage right here in our own St Kilda area!

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The Food Dude takes much pleasure in featuring these personality profiles in our popular St Kilda Bites food section. A new regular segment profiling St Kilda’s premier Chefs who are contributing to our area’s emerging vibrant food culture!

Chef Profile No 1 – Italico’s Pizza & Pasta Magician

Lino Maglione, Naples proud son, brings those closely guarded family recipes from his home country to Australia, and features them at his new Italico (Barkly Street), with his particular version of traditional Italian cuisine blended with modern Italian fusion.

Lino, after leaving his family restaurant in his teens, continued to gain valuable experience in many cafes in the northern part of Italy such as Trieste, Venice and Polonia – Further discovering the secrets of the combinations of ingredients and the various preparation processes of the pizza dough, while also developin

g the skills and knowledge necessary to produce the myriad types of fresh pasta, that abound in the eating haunts of Northern Italy.

Lino brings many pizza awards with him, having spent a few years in Auckland, New Zealand, on his way here from Italy, he scored the 2007 ‘Best Pizza Auckland’ award in the highly read Metro Magazine. Then the pizza awards continued to flow year after year once he arrived in Melbourne!  Lino says: “it’s all in that secret dough recipe that has been handed down in my family from generation to generation. My parents revealed the ingredients and preparation process to me as a child and then proceeded to train me in the skills of the dough making, kneading and then their special baking process. I spent every day in our kitchen in Naples, particularly benefiting from working alongside my grandfather!”. Lino ensures that this special magical pizza dough is used in both of Italico’s premises’ and he insists that the pizza dough is proofed for at least 24 hours after production, before it is used.

In 2008 and 2010 Lino took out the best Pizza Awards of the Melbourne area and in 2011, at one of his establishments; Espressino Coffee & Pizza Bar, he was awarded the top 3 Star Rating for his outstanding pizza quality and unique innovative flavour.

Lino Maglione and his entrepreneurial friend and business partner, Remo Nicolini, are the instigators of this already famous Italico brand, that from late 2012 established an exciting new type of Italian cuisine, in their two new Italico outlets in Sorrento and now in Barkly Street, St Kilda – The highly successful Non Solo Pasta venue in the Docklands also has their name on it.

Non Solo Pasta’s incredible popularity with business clientele has primarily developed due to the reputation gained from Lino’s famous fresh pasta varieties with that ‘Napoli’ signature on them! He brings these wonderful fresh, prepared daily, pasta varieties to both the Italico’s too!

With all 20 years of Lino’s remarkable overseas experience and talent, he now brings to us the latest Italico in Barkly St, St Kilda, and imparts all his knowledge and skill to his vibrant cooking team there. The wonderful traditional Italian flavours and the modern fusion presentation in all the dishes at Italico are testament to Lino Maglione’s wealth of experience in fine Italian gourmet cuisine and culinary art.

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