The festive season for everyone AND your pet

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Christmas and New Years can be an exciting time for everyone in St Kilda and other locations. People go away on holidays or spend time with family and friends.
During this time there are lots of events to go too and celebrate the festive time and the end of year.

Though when it comes to pets it can be a lonely time and often noisy during new years eve when there is fire works. If you have a dog it should be tied up in the backyard safely.

There are a lot of calls about dogs that have run away to the RSPCA, the lost dogs home and Rangers. They then try to find the dogs that have gone missing.

The local council also get lots of calls during the festive time. What you can do to keep your pets safe is have someone to house sit make sure that if you’re away there is someone there to feed the dog and take it for a walk.

Treat your pets well this holidays.

If you have a cat you can have someone take care of your cat and make sure that there is plenty of food and water.

So I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and hope that you also make it a good one for your pets.

Debbie G

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