The Fashion Fix – Work it Out

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By: Taylah Brewer

When you think work wardrobe, a black or white shirt inevitably springs to mind. But drop that dowdy business attire; it’s time to have a little fun with your work wardrobe.

Most women know how to rock an outfit come Saturday night, but what about the majority of your week?

You may say ‘who cares it’s only work’, but you can look professional and fashionable at the same time. Work appearance cannot be underestimated; if you want to get noticed and get that promotion, it’s essential that you plan your outfits.

Firstly, have fun with your shoes; it’s an easy way to add a little colour to your outfit. Start mixing things up with some white pumps as they look chic and are a great break from traditional black heels.

Newsflash- the power suit is back. Well, a version of it anyway.

It can be patterned, sleeveless, have pockets or panels- as long as it has shoulder pads. Just make sure you select modern cuts and don’t recycle any of those 80’s suits from the back of your mum’s wardrobe.

Pants are such a staple item that can be worn again and again. For reuse, black is best, but don’t be afraid to look for interesting fabrics and colours. I recommend a skinny leg pant cropped above the ankle. Wide leg pants are also seeing a resurgence but be sure you know how to balance your proportions with what you wear on top.

If you choose a wide leg, ensure that you wear a high enough heel so the trousers don’t make your legs look short and dumpy; always take a few pairs of your staple work shoes with you when trying trousers.

Ditch your plain white shirt and add some fun. Think patterns, bold colours and fabrics other than cotton. Just make sure that it is still professional and has appropriate coverage- and always take a blazer when you try work shirts to see how they sit underneath.

Guys may be a little more restricted when it comes to corporate work wear, but it’s essential to find suits with modern cuts that compliment your body type. Far too often men keep suits for too long, or like the double-breasted suit, are incredibly out of fashion. Try brands like Jack London that offer the latest fashion cuts at a fraction of the cost of the high-end designer labels.

When it comes to business shirts and ties, think colour and eye catching patterns. If someone hasn’t commented on how lovely your shirt or tie is recently, then you know it’s time to do some shopping.

And lastly, the most important item for your work wardrobe heading into winter is a statement coat. As you will wear this most days, it’s essential that it doesn’t detract from the outfit you are wearing underneath. Go for a classic style but look out for coats with large collars and leather accents to add some style and interest.

Now get out there and overhaul that work wardrobe!


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