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By Orawee Hodge

Scrub off The Winter Skin (in a budget)

Apart from cold, wet, windy conditions with some sunshine breaks, winter is harsh especially for your skin. Even if you have a protective oily skin type, the cold winds will always cause some damage -especially to your face. Besides that, a long hot bath or shower can also make your skin dry more easily, because your natural skin oils have been washed away with the hot water.

Calm down girlfriends, you don’t have to stop taking showers or spoiling yourself in a hot bath tub and please don’t go crazy with all those top shelf moisturizing products. I’m here to help.  After hours of reading and searching for budget wise solutions to regain our glowing skin, I’m back in time before summer hits. Here are the steps to get rid of dry and dull winter skin.

Moisturise: frequently and consistently and do it right after a bath or shower. Moisturising when the skin is still slightly damp helps locking in hydration. Use Sweet Almond Oil: massage before bath time. Olive Oil/ Coconut Oil: as a moisturizing lotion. Full Cream Milk: as a bath soak ingredient instead of bubble bath gel. Gentle Exfoliation: don’t confuse scrubbing your dull skin with a burnt cooking pot. Exfoliating will be good only when you do it nice and gently. Tell yourself to scrub lightly and you will never break your skin through exfoliation ever again.

Use sugar mixed with Olive Oil: as a facial or body scrub and avocado or banana (mashed) mixed with Honey: as a face mask. Locking it up with petroleum jelly: this magic in a little jar works as a barrier to prevent moisture from getting away from your skin. Apply a thin layer after you put on your moisturizer at night as it can feel too thick to wear during the day.

And if you really have no time to do all this yourself, I’m pretty sure there are many beauty spas in our neighborhood that will offer the service (but be prepared to pay the price!)

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