The Downfall Of The Fitness Industry

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by Duncan Mcdaide

Ok, let’s get one thing clear, in my opinion, the fitness industry has never looked better. The title is partly click-bait. If you have read this far I don’t entirely apologise for this, as what use is a message to no one! Only really in part though, as there are flaws in the industry, just as in any industry, and whilst this may not be the entire downfall, it certainly has the potential to separate and segregate. 

We have been complicit in moralising movement. Since when were there so many rules about performing such basic and instinctive movement patterns? A squat is a sitting down movement, with a knee and hip bend. The dead-lift is essentially just picking something up off the ground, using a hinge pattern. Yet, there are so many rules around them all, making it damn confusing. I have been guilty of this in the past, and there is a time when it’s entirely necessary, like when the bar is heavier than you, and poor form can cause some pretty debilitating injuries. 

However, the equation alters hugely on an individual case by case. My tissue, for example, may be capable of picking up 100kgs in flexion before breaking, whereas someone else’s posterior chain may break with far less, or far more.

The point is simple, explore! Life does not have these controlled variables, ever tried to pick up a fridge or desk or wriggling child? They don’t apply force evenly like a barbell, there isn’t always this perfectly formed surface to lift from with the perfect lifting shoes. We have to be able to adapt to the environment and our training should reflect this. There is a time for all of it don’t be herded into a camp of movement based morality and disregard the rest. 

Try this, when you are next out for a walk and spy a tree, go and climb it. If there is a low lying strong looking branch, see if you can pull yourself on top of it. On the sand, do some squats or lunges in the uneven surface. It’s liberating.  You are doing stuff you haven’t done since childhood. There is no work, or family issues – you are present in the moment and moving. It’s the best!

Duncan Mcdaide

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