The Definition of Mania: A Personal Insight

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 By Maree Cowan


Bipolar is a mood disorder consisting of mania and depression. In-between these states the person is normal. So what is mania?


Mania is fast

Thoughts enter a million at a time and emotions switch and change rapidly.

 Mania is happiness

Happiness comes from an endless spring within and increases with each breath you take.

 Mania is an ego trip

You believe you are the perfect creation of intelligence, charm and wit. You are on an ego trip, in love with yourself beyond the scale of normal human emotion.

Mania is being obsessed with the phone

You have an intense need to ring everyone you have ever met, talk without taking breath, they don’t get a word in then you hang up.

Mania is dripping with hormones

Hormones are pumped through your body faster than usual until you are dripping with them. This captivates and becharms the entire opposite sex and makes you feel like a sex symbol.

Mania is being uninhibited 

You approach strangers like they are lifelong friends.

 Mania is feeling superior

When you have the freedom to step outside society’s rules and expectations and behave exactly as you please, it makes everyone look extremely mediocre.

 Mania is not sleeping                                                    

You have no time to waste sleeping so you don’t, at all.

 Mania is being perceptive

You tell people all sorts of embarrassing things about themselves.

Mania is being giddy with love

You are giddy with love; you take everyone you meet into your heart and into your life if you can.

Mania is a spending spree

Money is free, it is a credit card. You buy in abundance always outrageous, never to be used when you are straight again.

 Mania is have a limited concentration span

You get bored quickly so you rapidly move from one exciting thing to another.

Mania is bliss

You walk through life oblivious to the chaos you leave in your wake.

Mania is having the perfect words

Your mind is a spinning top of abundant words, you select the most impressive to articulate yourself then you listen in awe as they dazzle your audience.

 Mania is larger than life

Colours are more brilliant, you don’t simply hear the music playing, you are the music and you feel like you are in a dream.

 Mania is having illusions of grandiose

You are so in awe of yourself that you believe you are famous. You wouldn’t be surprised if you saw your photo on a huge billboard.

 Mania is convincing

You can convince people of anything, a famous tennis player with a Hungarian accent or getting a job you are not qualified in. Your limitation is your imagination and your imagination is endless.

Mania knows no know fear

You fear nothing and are unaware of the dangers you constantly place yourself in.

 Mania is temporary

One thing that is certain, the fun of mania is temporary. It can never last forever in the end you will come crashing down.

 Mania is agitation

Mania is no longer fun, it has become a state of extreme emotional disturbance. Thoughts entering are intense and conflicting. Everything has gone haywire.  Your mind is spinning out of control and you can’t slow it down. You talk so fast no one can understand a word you are saying. Every time you hit the wall you think you will stop but mania has no such idea, it orders you to keep going. Now you are in a battlefield with mania throwing daggers at you.

Mania is a mixed state

The despair of depression mixed with the intensity of euphoria results in a state of rapid and uncontrollable negative and positive emotions. Depression and mania are clashing with each other.

 Mania doesn’t age like wine

When you are young mania is pure good fun. When you are older fun falls flat on the floor. Agitation and rage rise up and cry for more.You hear all your awful words that you can’t change. This isn’t mania this is just insane.

 Maree Cowan is the author of Magic Mushrooms.

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