The countdown is on for the eighth annual Heart of St Kilda Concert

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By Sharon Lee

The countdown is on for the eighth annual Heart of St Kilda Concert, a fantastic night of music and comedy starring some of Australia’s biggest names – at the Palais on Tuesday 22 September.

On any given night, 21,000 Victorians experience homelessness. At Sacred Heart Mission, we assist hundreds of those people every day, and the concert helps us do that.

Hosted by RocKwiz’s Brian Nankervis, the dazzling 2015 line-up includes Kasey Chambers, Arj Barker, Col Joye, Denise Scott, British India, Leonard and Slava Grigoryan, David Hobson and Colin Lane, Tim Rogers, Rebecca Barnard, Billy Miller and the Caravan Choir, Emma Donovan, Dave Callan, The Meltdown, TaikOz and Luke McGregor.

So what inspires such big names to give their time and performance energy?

Luke McGregor is an award-winning writer and comedian. He’s been selling out venues at local and international comedy festivals and lighting up TV screens in programs from The Project to Utopia. We put that question to him.

1.  Why are you giving your talents and time to Sacred Heart Mission’s Heart of St Kilda Concert?
I was told that if I do the Heart of St Kilda Concert – Sacred Heart Mission would organise for me to be a lead in the new Ghostbusters movie. I think they may have been joking but I need to know for sure.

2. What’s the best thing about being involved in a fundraising concert with so many big names from Australia’s entertainment industry?
I’ll have stuff to brag about at my next school reunion. I’m not sure when it is. I’ve already had my five year reunion and it didn’t go so well, so any ammunition I can take to the next one is appreciated.

3. How do you think a concert such as this can highlight the work of the Mission and the issue of homelessness in our community?
I think anything that reminds us that the issue exists and there is something we can do to help is important. When you regularly see someone sleeping on the street, I think you can become desensitised to it. You start to see it as inevitable and feel powerless to help in a meaningful way. Events like this remind us that homelessness is an issue that can and is being tackled, and it is within our power to help.

4. What can the audience expect from you on the night?
Me standing up, talking into a mic – hopefully saying funny things. Probably sweat marks under my armpits. It can happen when I get nervous and I apologise in advance. I’ll wear a dark shirt so you probably won’t even see them.

5. Who are you most looking forward to seeing on the night and why?
I’ve always been a big fan of Tim Rogers/You Am I, so I’m really looking forward to seeing him perform.

Well, he did bring the house down last year Luke, so you’re on the money there. Check for more details and make a booking through Ticketmaster.

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