The Bullet Latte: Embrace Or Abandon?

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By Paris Newman

The French have forever championed the phrase “butter makes everything better!”

I for one could not agree more. Nothing soothes the soul like a fresh, crunchy baguette with a generous spread of good quality butter.

However, now people are requesting butter in their morning coffee orders? Could it be possible that people have taken the French hyperbole a little bit too literally?

Advocates of the ketogenic diet beg to differ and strongly affirm that an espresso shot with the addition of grass-fed butter and coconut oil, otherwise known as the bullet latte, is the perfect way to start your day!

(photo credit Marco Verch)

Leroy Espresso is the first St Kilda based café to jump on the bullet latte bandwagon, catering to the keto beings of the neighbourhood.

The ketogenic diet is a lifestyle that is currently erupting in Western society, predominantly due to promised weight loss benefits. It involves a high fat, low carb diet, which encourages the metabolic state of ketosis to occur.

Ketosis involves a production of ketone proteins that break down fats stored in the liver to retrieve energy, as opposed to breaking down simple carbohydrates.

The bullet latte is symbolic of the ketogenic dieting philosophy, as it contains high-fat products of butter and coconut oil, instead of the addition of sugar as a simple carbohydrate.

Starting your day with a bullet latte is said to boost your energy levels, keep you fuller for longer, increase mental focus, stimulate your metabolism and provide your coffee with a super creamy texture.

However, the ketogenic lifestyle, along with the bullet latte, has sparked a rather controversial uproar amongst the community of Western health specialists. While many voices within this community may encourage the ketogenic diet for some of the reasons listed above, many professionals outrightly oppose the keto diet.

(photo credit Marco Verch)

It has been noted that multiple people who have adopted the ketogenic diet have experienced increased cholesterol levels due to increased saturated fat intake, which places beings at a greater risk of heart disease. Additionally, there have been reported instances of headaches, insomnia, flu-like symptoms and constipation as a result of switching to the ketogenic diet.

What shall we locals take away from the topical pros and cons surrounding the ketogenic diet? Perhaps that we should approach our diet with a philosophy of moderation…

Maybe we should not entirely eradicate certain food groups and macronutrients from our consumption, but rather try to maintain a sense of balance.

Every so often, there is no harm in popping down to Leroy Espresso and sipping on a bullet latte, but in essence, this should probably not become an everyday ritual.    

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