The Astor

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The 78 tram rattles along Chapel St

Reflection captured in the coin laundry window

It languidly brakes near the corner

Beside a statuesque building

Of post depression 1930’s bricks and mortar


Within the grand auditorium

An ocean wide terrazzo floor

Lies beneath hanging chandelier

Iron-cast balustrade stairs lead into the foyer

Where a glimpse of marzipan’s shadow appears


Adjoining rows of oyster fittings

Red globes warm painted flowers

While ladies cloakroom signs are lit

Near the dress circle and wooden stalls

Films on suspense/drama/comedy are relived


Behind the Astor’s strip of neon stars

Movies in rare celluloid print are revealed

Where people unite and quietly devour

Unique eras of cinema culture

In art deco theatre charm and appeal


By Tanya Voigt

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